Patch Notes 7-9-2020

Upcoming and current changes to the Starsider server
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Patch Notes 7-9-2020

Post by liesmyth » Wed Jul 29, 2020 12:03 pm

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Patch Notes 7-9-2020 Empire Day Empire Day is upon us! New Republic players should visit Hanna City, Chandrila and speak to Event Coordinator Ingri to get started. Imperial players should visit Kuat City, Kuat and speak to Event Coordinator Wulf to start. Earn challenge coins from various activities to purchase rewards! Collections The first wave of collections are now live! These are objects hidden through the game world – some are very obvious, but some are extremely difficult to find. To collect an object you have found in the world, simply use the radial menu and select “Collect”. Your quest journal will update and can be used to ...

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