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Decorator's wishlist

Post by DarkLadyPhoenix1 » Thu May 04, 2017 12:28 pm

If someone could please help me track down the special edition paiting that I traveled halfway across the world IRL for, it would be super awesome because it's really important. Like, "I got myself a husband that day" important. It's the Emperor with his hand up holding a bunch of planets IIRC. I have NO idea what the rebel one looked like.

I'm also having trouble finding a pallet. It's in so many NPC camps and cities...

Here's stuff I was able to track down:

Object name: Webweaver Blanket
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_webweaver_blanket.iff
Why? I need this Haylen. Do you understand? As many of them as I can get my hands on, there's at least one in every house I own.

If I can't have a POB starship, I'll have a warehouse made to look like one. Here are items requests for [s]starship[/s] warehouse:

Object name: Coal Bin
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_coal_bin_container.iff

Object name: Blistmok Lair
Object type: Decoration
Filename: shared_must_blistmok_lair.iff
Why? Okay, I know it's technically a lair, but hte art for it is a pile of junk. A very neat looking pile of junk.

Object name: Hoth Cable Box
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_item_hoth_cable_box_01.iff
Why? It's a very detailed little box. Looks good as a starship part

Object name: Newbie Crate
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_item_newbie_crate.iff (patch_04.tre)

Object name: Cot 2
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_camp_cot_s2.iff

All the rugs. Well, most of the rugs.

Object name: Square Rug
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_rug_sqr_m_s01.iff

Object name: Casual Rug
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_casual_rug.iff

Object name: Green Rug
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_green_rug.iff

Object name: Majestic Rug
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_majestic_rug.iff

Object name: Zebra Rug
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_rug_rec_m_s01.iff

Object name: Tatooine Rug (was part of a quest, not sure if this this exists in EIF but I'll include it anyways)
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_rug_rec_lg_s02.iff

That smug little witch that lives east of Mos Taike has some neat stuff that I've never been able to re-create so I'm stealing all of it.

Object name: Throwpillow 1, 2 and 3
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_fm_all_throwpillow_med_s01.iff shared_fm_all_throwpillow_med_s02.iff shared_fm_all_throwpillow_med_s03.iff

Object name: Small Fruit Stand
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_fm_tato_fruit_stand_small_style_01.iff

Object name: Tatooine Tierd Table
Object type: Furniture
Filename: shared_fm_tato_table_small_style_02.iff
Why? It's a 3 tiered table, good for displays

Misc stuff:

Object name: Dark Chair
Object type: Furniture (chair)
Filename: shared_fm_all_dark_chair_s02.iff
Why? Do I really need to explain all of these? I'm listing some of the post popular deco items in the game...

Object name: Light Throne
Object type: Furniture (chair)
Filename: shared_fm_all_light_chair_s01.iff

Object name: Alderaan Flora
Object type: Decoration
Filename: shared_alderaan_flora.iff

Object name: FS Sculptures 1-4
Object type: Decoration
Filename: shared_fs_sculpture_1.iff shared_fs_sculpture_2.iff shared_fs_sculpture_3.iff shared_fs_sculpture_4.iff

Object Name: Bacta Tank
Object type: Decoration
Filename: shared_bacta_tank.iff (patch 10)

Object name: Mustafarian Geode
Object type: Decoration
Filename: shared_must_geode_lava.iff

Object name: Mustafarian Display Case
Object type: Decoration
Filename: shared_must_display_case.iff

Object Name: Lava Flea Bounty
Object type: Decoration
Filename: shared_lava_flea_bounty.iff (patch 34)
Why? It's a highly detailed rolled up scroll in black.

There's so many pretty things in the TCG folders *rolls on the ground helplessly* All of those? I will totally list ALL of those if that helps...

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Re: Decorator's wishlist

Post by Halyn » Sun May 07, 2017 5:09 pm

*makes notes*

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Re: Decorator's wishlist

Post by Savacc » Mon May 15, 2017 12:13 am

The Emperor one is this

You had to attend a "Fanfest" meeting designed to keep players from leaving after the NGE.

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Re: Decorator's wishlist

Post by Sandarie » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:49 pm

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