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Eclipse Saga - A Jato Campaign

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:06 pm
by Sandarie
Ord Mantell Scouting Mission - Megan’s Response

Closing her eyes, the petite Zeltron leaned back in her chair and listened. Soon a smile spread over her lips and a contented sigh escaped. It was quiet. The station was humming and vibrating, as it was supposed to be. Her droid engineer, Joyce, was as good as advertised. At least mechanically. Its attitude was another issue, but could be overlooked with the successful installation of the new reactor.

A beeping from her desktop computer terminal roused her from her reverie. Tapping the screen to bring it to life, a message from the Mistell manager popped up. Lucia was, like Jayda and Zavae were, becoming indispensable to the efficient running of Jato. She was truly blessed to have these women in her life.

Leaning forward, she eyed the memo from the woman. It was written after the scouting mission to Ord Mantell. It detailed the expenses she needed to pay out and a manifest of the goods obtained. Megan grinned broadly. This trip was sure to help the Jato bottom line. After sending the requests for payments to the Quartermaster droid, she also sent the cargo obtained to the same droid for to be inventoried. She’d later cross reference the bounty with her clients to whom she often offered supplies. A cryptic grin and tiny chuckle echoed in her office area. She would cross reference the list after she selected what Jato would be keeping.

Another beep indicated a second file had arrived. It was an After Action Report from the team. These were invaluable to her and she appreciated the time taken to provide the information to her. Megan was a great business woman and organizer, but rather a lousy mission team member. “Gotta know your strengths and weakness,” she thought, “Right?”

AAR: ... sp=sharing

OOC: The Jato Story team is working to provide an ongoing story arc for the EiF RP community. Expect to see team After Action Reports (AARs) each week so you can get caught up, if you miss a Sunday mission.

Re: Eclipse Saga - A Jato Campaign

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:38 pm
by Sandarie
Jato - Eclipse Saga - Spice Refinery

The box of chocolates sat unopened on the left side of the desk. The smell of fresh baked cookies and vanilla filled the room. An untouched glass of chilled blue wine was on the right side of the desk. Anyone who wandered by the station administrator’s office would see small booted feet up on the middle of the same desk. The sights and smells were accompanied by the gentle sound of light snoring.

Megan slept reclined in her office chair, the familiar blue datapad resting on her narrow chest. A sudden, insistent beeping jarred her from a deep slumber. Blinking rapidly, a bit disoriented, she stabbed a finger at the datapad making several tries at opening the holomail. Her feet hit the floor, as she sat up, attempting to clear her head. Finally settled, she sipped her now warm wine, grabbed a chocolate, and looked at the offending holomail. Seeing the title, she grinned. It was the after action report from the job to the spice refinery.

She did frown when she reviewed the injuries, but overall the mission was considered a success. She hoped they got more business, but perhaps it was time to have a little fun and let the mercs recover,

Spice Refinery AAR: ... WaEwTUDaaE

OOC: The Jato Story team is working to provide an ongoing story arc for the EiF RP community. Expect to see team After Action Reports (AARs) each week so you can get caught up, if you miss a Sunday mission.

Re: Eclipse Saga - A Jato Campaign

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 6:41 am
by Sandarie
Sitting at her desk following the meeting with the Jato Mercs, Megan compiled the list of items she needed to work on:
    • Advertise to the usual suspects the upcoming Fight Night
    • Look for a Head of Security and a Contract/Mission Planner
    • Ensure Traycn and Jayda have everything needed for Team Development Activities
Sipping at her wine, following up with yet another piece of chocolate, she ran a hand over her face, then smiled. It had been a good meeting, even with the droid antics. The behavior of the Toydarian and his obvious attraction to Aumi, the Security Officer on duty elicited another chuckle. With another soft laugh, she got started on the communication of the Fight Night.

Fight Night is on Again!

Location: Jato Arena
MC: Lucia
Date: Sunday, 9/29
Time: 9:00 pm, EST

Singles and Tag Teams!
Medical Staff on Duty

Come display your prowess and wager on your favorites!

Re: Eclipse Saga - A Jato Campaign

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:15 pm
by Sandarie
Day or two prior to the Jato Mission (10/6/2019)

Sitting at her desk, several empty glasses of wine were scattered around. Empty boxes of chocolates were strewn about the office, two open boxes and empty candy wrappers littered her desk. Her short blue hair was sticking out in every direction and even now she kept running her fingers through it, making it even worse.

Her blue datapad sat in front of her, the red and green ones on and close by. The Quartermaster droid paced in his little shuffling gait, stopping each time he was asked a question. Leaning back, both hands running through her hair, she closes her eyes. The document open on her datapad was titled, “Disaster Recovery.”

“QTM, this is a pain in the butt. But I know it’s got to be done. So, on Jato I’ll have Lucia run the station and Jayda take over my off station interests. I still need a Head of Security and someone to manage planning and coordinating the mission teams.”

She puts her head down on her desk sighing loudly. Soon the sighing turns into light snores, as she falls asleep.

Re: Eclipse Saga - A Jato Campaign

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:38 am
by Sandarie
Megan Brodie’s office still has empty wine glasses and opened boxes of chocolates in it. A couple of the durni’s were laying on the ground with fat tummies. They’d helped themselves to the chocolates left by Megan’s hasty exit to head to the Mistell earlier. The little half Zelton had been so distracted by her current project, she didn’t even consider cleaning up before heading out to prep the Jato Mercs on their mission for the Fellstar, Inc. client.

Except now it was days later and she’d still not returned. Her red datapad beeping to indicate the arrival of Aumi’s unopened AAR.

AAR: ... sp=sharing