When the Falling Star Fell (again!)

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When the Falling Star Fell (again!)

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(this is an entry that is later made available to the media)

(Dana's face appears, her head wrapped up in bandages, sporting a black eye on her left side. She's pale and her blue eyes are pale as well)

*sigh* The counselor says I should go ahead and make this while it's all somewhat fresh in my head...which still hurts like mad.

(She closes her eyes a moment before reopening them. ) First thing I learned from all this. Listen to the Wookiee when he tells you to get out. Sort of on the same principle as letting them win...Anishor, you were right. I shouldn't have stayed behind to blast that big mouthed Gungan into the next solar cycle...but I was..so...mad....after everythin....

I didn't know where Pizza was. He's a Hutt, but the jolliest one I have ever seen..and the only one I know who is a decent cook. Plus, he's family.

That's hard to explain, but I will try.

After the Kreigers got wiped out on Endor and that stupid hunk of junk called a Death Star, I had no family left except for a couple of old biddy aunts on my Dad's side living on Naboo who wanted me to stay with them so I could learn how to be a 'proper lady'.

*spits blood from a lost tooth into an container* Day that happens, you may as well light my pyre. They had their way, I would be turned into a stiffbacked expressionless droid to be auctioned off to the highest bidder..although in this case, they would be called..suitors. No wonder Dad left them and changed his name to Starchild....Hell of a way to live, always actin, never bein myself, popping out one heir after another to perpetua...perpetu..continue the cycle and what for? Just to roll around in credits.

I'd prefer to kiss a Kimogila, thank you.

But yeah. Getting back to what happened...I kin talk about what family is another time...

So we were at the cantina and someone comes runnin in saying everyone out, the Gungans are comin. So I have to wake up Pizza.

One thing you should know about Pizza the Hutt. He's a heavy sleeper. When he goes to take a nap..anywhere he wants...he has the ability to sleep through a planet explodin like Alderaan. Which he was doing. So I yelled. I screamed. I even stepped on his tail. No response as he cheerfully slept through all that. I was finally forced to leave him. Left Adama to guard him against all comers.

If I was a Gungan, I would think twice about disturbin a sleepin Hutt. Especially one that has a fierce Gurreck guarding him.

Outside, the Gungans were at City Hall demandin Genie's butt be delivered to him. Along with the rest of him, of course. I heard word he was actually at a mine near Broken Bridge, but told them we didn't know. I told the fat one that he hauled butt and left town.

But nooooo, they weren't going to be happy til we produced Genie. Preferably dead. They they would have burned down the town to celebrate, I suspect. They were wanting a fight, preferably a massecre.

They wanted blood...

Yeah, I'm gettin worked up. Were you there? I didn't think so...(takes a deep breath)

I tend to stay a bit angry. Counselor says it's part of what happened before...At Endor..that losin family can make you angry and very sad. And here I was, I had found a new family in Broken Bridge...One that accepted me for who I was...Adi called me an animal, but in a nice way. She accepted me for me. So did Pizza...so did a lot of others....

And damned if I was going to have that torn from me again...

Yeah, so I fired. But they fired first. Heard talk about bombin the cantina...

That would have been the Falling (pronounces the g here) Star. It's..or it was...a huge ship that crashlanded a long time ago. Story goes that some of the wreckage hit the bridge when it came down and that's why it's called Broken Bridge. It's a landmark, that bridge. So was the cantina...

Had to fight my way there through an army of gungans and Goraxes. Those things..the goraxes are so dumb they started fighting the gungans...got to where I was helping the goraxes rather than kill them til they got rid of the gungans...easier than having one of those tall things knock you into the next millenia...

Somewhere along the line, Adama came to my side, which I hoped was a good sign that maybe Pizza finally hauled tail (literally) and ran for it. I didn't see him in the fight, so guessing he got out ok now. The two of us fought tooth and nail and gunshot into the cantina.

I looked around for signs of Pizza or other people...like the dancers or musicians, I feared that someone could be used as hostage. The thought of a townsperson or family being used as hostages by those floppy eared bastiches made me mad....so mad that when I finally came across the fat Gungans and his pals again...I just remember one of them had the remote in his hands...thinking of my friends, the people I knew here...

I remember hearing Anishor as if from afar...the Gungans gloating...

I remember him pressing a button...and I pulled the trigger...and...and..I just couldn't let them harm anyone else, could I? (starts to hiccup cry..) I..I lost...lost..lost enough family as it is.....

(She seems to collapse into tears. Her gurreck comes into view, to wipe tears away with his toungue as someone offscreen turns off the holorecorder)
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