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Dathomir's Daughter

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:47 pm
by SailorLune
So I went to Dathomir to find out information on my mother's side of the family.

My mother, Dayna, was Singing Mountain Clan, exiled because of her political views. Specifically, she didn't like the idea that men were inferior to women. (Apparently, it's a Dath thing.). She felt like they should be equal in all things. Because of this, she got kicked out of the clan.

So she signed on with the First Krieger Mercenary Regiment of Lok, who happened to be at the Trade Outpost that week. Didn't hurt that she was smitten with the recruiter, one Adan Starchild (actually Starlaothi, but that's another story). They married and lived happily, if a bit violently, being mercs and all. Had me in the process.

Unfortunately, they both died before I was old enough to start asking those awkward questions like "where did I come from" and so on.

So here I am, now age 18, visiting the Nightsisters. They seem pretty cool, cooler than Lady Derris, at any rate.

Lady Derris is convinced that I am practically Jedi material, to which I call BS. I talk to animals. I don't swing lightsabers.

She seems to think it's high time for me to have the big S. Preferably with someone of her choosing. I don't think so, Lady. Ain't got time for that. And if me being a virgin bugs ya, so be it. Not sellin' it to the highest bidder.

Now if I could only convince the planet to lay off me when my emotions do run high, like they did that night of the execution floor show. Was not expecting the victim to be to be the guy who gave the orders for me to be seperated from my Merc Clan and sent to Endor to scout.

Hard to feel grateful though, when his orders resulted in the deaths of my merc clan. On the gorram Death Star.

(Pt 2 soon)

Re: So I went to Dathomir...

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:22 am
by SailorLune

Finally had a chance to speak to Yala again.

She seemed to feel that I should go talk to the Singing Mountain Clan. My mother's clan.

After that, she would be willing to teach me the ways of the Weave, what we call the Force.

It seems to be a different way to use it...gathering the threads and weaving it together first, rather than letting it flow through you, like a creek or river. Makes sense, actually. In the Weave, you can manipulate trees into growing. You can call to the flowers to blossom. You can also use it to kill, but that's the easy part. It's much easier to destroy than to use it to create. I learned much about using the Weave in my short time with them before talking to Yala...through observation...and through reading.

They also use everything. You beheaded your enemy? Bring me the head so that I can use it for a spell. Yes, they do use spells. I think it's a way to concentrate on what you want to do. A type of Meditation.

(Oh yes, Kamikana, I read those books. Just wish I knew more of your story...)

As I said, Yala said I should go talk or try to talk to the Singing Mountain Clan.

I don't think they will exactly welcome me, but I will try at least.

Then, I will see why this planet wants me, when it has all it needs...or if I am feeling the Weave calling me.

(Pt 3 coming soon)

Re: So I went to Dathomir...

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:07 pm
by SailorLune
(Part 3 is still coming soon. I (Dana's player) need to sit down and write it before I post it up here. In the meantime, am playing Dana post Dathomir if you want to interact with her..)

(and yes, the title of the thread has changed. The old title made the whole thing seem so...trivial..Originally, I was going to write it as I interacted with Yala and the other Nightsisters, but then the guild went through..housecleaning..and Yala left before I talk or RP with her. This left me with one more humongous plot hole, because in the original plot, Dana was to return to Yala when she found out her mother's story as part of a possible initiation into the Nightsisters...that unfortunately will not happen now. So whatever I write after this will be an attempt to plug in the hole.

Any suggestions of reference material is more than welcome, Legend or otherwise. Some of my own ideas about the SMC has come from observations of a sequence in The Last Jedi. If that tree isn't an indication that Luke hung out with SMC or NS at some point, I'll eat my Dr. Who fandom scarf!)