New Republic Datafile: Norin Durame

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New Republic Datafile: Norin Durame

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All information is accessible in-character to standard public access data requests. Only blue is available in-character strictly to medical and New Republic background checks. Red is available in-character strictly to New Republic background checks only.
Misuse of this information is a violation of New Republic Law and subject to immediate imprisonment (!)
Durame (Pronunciation: dʒu- ɾɔːm)
Norin (Pronunciation: nʊ - ren)
Two Droids One Port
32 Galactic Standard Years
Date of Birth:
Year 8 after the Great ReSynchronization, Melona 5th (8:7:5)
Place of Birth:
Core Worlds » Corellian Sector » Corellian System » Corellia » Doaba Guerfel
Outer Rim » Arkanis Sector » Tatoo System » Andor Outpost
1.75 Meters (5 Feet, 9 Inches)
63 Kilograms (140 Pounds)
Slim, wiry
Green, cybernetic
Subject is in acceptable health, but some concerns arise regarding his dietary choices. It is recommended that he not skip meals only to supplement them later with junk food.
Marital Status:
Father: Deckard Durame
Mother: Zyla Durame
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Current Career:
New Republic Intelligence Operative
Prior Career:
Rebel Intelligence Operative (36:8—39:3)
Devalie Transport Company (35:3—36:8)
Freelance Slicer (31:2—36:8)
Computer Security Technician employed by Corellian Engineering Corporation (28:3—29:2)
New Republic Intelligence
Political Alignment:
New Republic
Nomad Academy (Doaba Guerfel, Corellia) (13:8—24:5)
Coronet Institute of Technology (Coronet, Corellia) (24:8—27:5)
Bachelor’s in Computer Science
Known Languages:
Galactic Basic (Native)
Droidspeak (Fluent)
Piloting Grade:
Weapons Permit:
Customized Merr-Sonn Model 434 “DeathHammer”, cybernetic mounted blasters (2)
Law Enforcement Authentication:
Yes (New Republic Military)
Security Authorization:
Yes (New Republic Security Clearance)
Intelligence Verification:
Yes (New Republic Intelligence Clearance)
Subject was the only child of Deckard and Zyla Durame. Deckard was a wealthy real-estate tycoon in Doaba Guerfel, Corellia, and Norin was sent to the prestigious private school, the Nomad Academy in 13:8. In his schooling, Norin was exceptionally talented in computer classes. He was also exceptionally talented in all his other classes, and graduated two years early (24:5). He was then enrolled in the Coronet Institute of Technology in 24:8 and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 27:5.

His thesis on advanced systems penetration testing landed him a job working for the Corellian Engineering Corporation shortly after graduating from CIT (28:3), where he worked as a Computer Security Technician and helped harden their security systems. He was then later terminated in 29:2 after getting caught slicing into the payroll system. Effectively blacklisted from any other reputable work afterwards, he resorted to freelance work and various illicit forms of financial sustenance.

A number of these jobs ended up getting him in trouble, such as when he blackmailed the Jablogian slaver known as Azmorigan in 31:3, landing a large bounty on his head. He also sliced into a BioTechIndustries’ logistics mainframe and put in an order for numerous different cybernetics, marked as paid and ready for install. He later walked out with several thousand credits worth of different cybernetics (BioTech Industries Borg Construct Aj^6, NeuroSaav/Fabritech ScanMaster Arm, 2x BlasTech Industries Cybernetic Weapon Enhancement Mod VII, BioTech Industries “Duraskin” implant armor, NeuroSaav Corporation Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes) installed free of charge, but eventually his crime was discovered and he was marked as a wanted man.

Shortly after, in 35:3, Norin came under the employment of the Devalie Transport Company, run by the Zabrak known as Argen Devalie on the YT-2000 light freighter Sub Rosa. His first job with Devalie was a salvage operation to find a lost Separatist Treasury Ship, ironically for BioTech Industries. The job was successful and the payout was immense. Managing to keep his identity a secret from BioTech, Norin and the rest of the crew collected their payout, and managed to keep some spoils from the job as well, such as the Cybernetic Enhanced Nexu, Captain Fluffles, that attacked the crew and was subdued when Norin managed to slice into its cybernetics and reprogram it to recognize him as its master.

Eventually, while working for DTC Norin managed to slice into the Holonet to fake his death, clearing his bounty and arrest warrant and changing his name to an alias. However, this didn’t last, as he eventually ran into an ISB agent who recognized him from prior knowledge. He was captured, but then eventually freed by the Rebellion in 36:8, who were impressed with his skills and in dire need of a Slicer of his talents.
Norin then came into the service of Rebel Intelligence as an Operative. His usual mission assignments were:
- Slice into the Imperial Holonet to distribute Rebel Propaganda, cause distress and recover information.
- Operate as a field agent to support Rebel Special Forces.
- Provide technical assistance to Rebel Bases and Military Installations.

Norin also served as an electronic warfare officer onboard a Nebulon-B-class frigate on many occasions, and served in the Battle of Endor at this capacity.

After Endor, the importance of Norin’s expertise increased significantly and he was utilized to a large degree to further destabilize the crumbling Empire.

Notable psychological traits include: reserved, quiet, distant, quirky, obsessive, thoughtful, greedy and methodical.

Norin tends not to socialize much with organic life beyond what is necessary, instead preferring the company of droids and computers. He has some weird quirks as well, such as an odd fetish for cybernetic erotica.
Kev-Mas Colcha - Echani/Thyrsian Sun Guard
Norin Durame - Human New Republic Intelligence Operative

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