Gnorton, Naboo (Redux)

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Gnorton, Naboo (Redux)

Post by Isty » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:11 am

Gnorton is a beautiful lakeside city, nestled in the verdant lush grasses of Naboo.
It is a non-aligned city whose aim is to gather all manner of peoples together to dwell, dance, craft and live together in harmony.
Its primary purpose is to attract Crafters and Merchants of all kinds in the hopes that its beauty inspires them to craft the best items they can craft, and then to sell those goods in the picturesque setting that any customer will be happy to visit.

I took over Gnorton about a year ago, and waited this long partly to see if our old Mayor Doreen Green would return, partly because i believe in the adage "Why put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after".
Sadly i think her time has now passed.

We would still love to have new folks come live with us, especially if you love to craft and want to set up vendors.
That being said, all professions and such are of course very welcome

I think i have given Gnorton a nice sprinkling of Isty, but kept certain ideals of Doreen in place still
We are still faction neutral, we are also RP neutral (if thats a thing) - meaning you can be a RPer or not, as our founder said "As long as you don't bother anyone, you are welcome in Gnorton."

You can read the original Gnorton page in this forum, linked here for ease of access
Original Mayors Post

If you would like to come live here with us, then please get in touch, you can contact Isty, or either of my alts Zaha and Kazzakalla
It should be noted while i have discord, its not something i check/use regularly, so best to use a/tell or an ingame mail, both of which i will answer instantly or when im back at the keyboard/awake :)

Edit to add Militia contacts
Dyna, Oki, Deliyyyk (same player)
Aayshala, Nabrinaan, Nimafenn (same player)
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Isty - Merchant (Tailor, Chef, Dancer, Surveyor)
Zaha Var - Ranger (Teras Kasi, Architect, Artisan, Surveyor)
Kazzakalla - Commando (Pistoleer, Fencer)

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Re: Gnorton, Naboo (Redux)

Post by Smallcorners » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:05 am

While you are visiting, be sure to stop into the iced cream shoppe for a treat!

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