Corellian Imperial Garrison needs you!

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Corellian Imperial Garrison needs you!

Post by Fenix » Wed May 31, 2017 4:42 pm


****Imperial Holonet Transmission****

To: All loyal Imperial citizens and military personnel currently unattached after the recent turmoil in the core systems.

Imperial High Command has seen fit to expand upon the current garrison in the Corellia System. Imperial Intelligence has recently received reports that the so called "New Republic" has set up a base of operations in the northern mountains of Corellia. This is a direct threat to the security of this system and its inhabitants. After the very recent insurgency by the Rorugungans (who were no doubt funded by this "Republic") at a community called Broken Bridge, where many lives were lost and much personal property destroyed it is crucial that we bring security and order to the planet. Therefore the Empire will be establishing a new base of operations in the region and a settlement where good law abiding citizens such as yourself can make a better future.

This new settlement will be funded solely and completely by the Sector High Command and will not be levying any taxes on its citizens. Construction on the new settlement will begin soon ((Latest being Monday June 5th)). All non-combat personnel as well as people looking to enlist in the Stormtrooper Garrison stationed here are welcome.

Basic housing and a months worth of maintenance will be provided to all new settlers.

If you are looking to move into the city please contact myself or Stormtrooper Garrison Commander HK-416.

Originally this project was slated to be started in the Lok System, but after much consideration and new information became available about activities on Corellia orders were issued to move the project there.

Tessick Fenix
Lieutenant Colonel
Executive Officer Imperial Ground Forces Corellia System

****End Transmission****


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