Eol Sha, Dantooine

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Eol Sha, Dantooine

Post by chenderson » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:39 pm

Through beautiful fields of lavender, over lakes and rivers, near the ruins of a Jedi temple you'll find Eol Sha on Dantooine. One side of the city is hills, lakes and lovely homes-a garden district. Homes to citizens of high regard and morals. In sharp contrast, there's the slums district. Home to villainy and scum of all sorts. Rumors of shady characters and activities are whispered of in the cantina and city hall. A strange vendor has been seen selling discounted meat in and around the local cloning facility.
The shuttle port makes it easy to arrive. The residents make it hard to leave. If you are looking to join a crazy cast of characters, this may be the place for you. Come on out, take a look around. Contact River, Gay, Iom, or Wet. Better yet, join the Eol Sha chat tab.
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Re: Eol Sha, Dantooine

Post by malonious » Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:21 pm

Eol Sha is in a nice out of the way spot near some jedi ruins if you enjoy sight seeing. The natives aren't all friendly so traveling outside the city limit is a risk but I feel it's worth it. The city does have a nicely decorated cantina, crafting stations in the city hall which is also nicely decorated, mission terminals beside the shuttleport and much, much more. As nasty as Dant can be, this little metropolis is a nice stop to visit or find a little place to call home.
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