Barataria, Rori

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Barataria, Rori

Post by ottgeekgirl » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:10 pm


IC Description:

From Kassoti Spice miners to the Rebellion’s Zephyr Base, Rori has always been home to the independently minded of the galaxy. So, it should come as no surprise that this water logged, difficult to colonize, swampy outpost moon of Naboo would become home to the city of Barataria.

Founded shortly after the battle of Endor and in the wake of the confusion that followed the fall of the Empire, Barataria has thrived as a little known galactic hub for anyone looking to acquire goods and services outside official channels (and away from the prying eyes of whoever has controlling interest in the galaxy).

Located deep inside the moon’s interior Barataria is a respite from the rain and mud featuring comfortable accommodations and Galactically famous entertainment at Otho’s Palace. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll likely find it at Barataria.

OOC intent:

We want to provide a smuggler-friendly city that caters to anyone who might be out in the wilds of Rori and is looking for a haven on the planet. Because we're located not far from the Kobola Spice Mine, anyone seeking to get supplies for a trip for farming locked containers or looking for locked magseal containers should stop in first to make sure they're stocked up on supplies. We'll have a number of different vendors in the cantina and around town.

We have our shuttleport and a basic mission terminal, and some skill trainers, and we are just getting started. Barataria is open for business and we hope to see you stop in and enjoy what we have to offer.

Kiea Starshine
Mayor of Barataria

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