[RP] New Zeltros, Naboo

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[RP] New Zeltros, Naboo

Post by Leonides » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:33 am

New Zeltros, Naboo


Location: Naboo (/waypoint -7075, 5787)
Current Population: 23
Status: <Roleplaying City | Rank 4 | Unspecialized | Accepting citizens!>

New Zeltros is a blossoming township on the northwestern coast of Naboo. It is the visionary project of Zeltron artist and expatriate Leonides Rowe, founded in conjunction with the New Republic.

Emerging in the wake of the Galactic Civil War, the city is intended as an artistic and intellectual community - one devoted to pioneering exciting new forms of artistic expression now that the fetters of Imperial control have been lifted. More than that, it presents a bold model for the future of the Republic, using Zeltron culture and Zeltronian values of acceptance, empathy, social equality, environmentalism, and sentient rights - not to mention happiness and fun! - to confront the dogma of the old Empire and show what galactic life could be like.

New Zeltros’ scenic, resort-like coastline boasts dazzling views of the ocean, western mountains, and Theed’s palace and waterfalls. Palm-studded golden sands surround the city on three sides, with a lush inland forest to the south. The weather is typically clear and sunny, with only occasional overcast days - perfect for beach lounging, camping, and wildlife spotting.

Conveniently, New Zeltros is a short two kilometer drive from Theed, with shuttleport access to the rest of the planet. Other city amenities include two cantinas, a theater, bank, garage, cloning facility, mission terminals, skill trainers, and guild hall.

Coming Attractions
  • Goalie’s Gastropub: The galaxy’s ultimate sports bar! Kick back and watch a game while you crack open special craft beers brewed by former Team Zeltros limmie goalie Uhuch Lunemuguv.
  • Chebda Choon’s Beach Hutt: From the shore to the dancefloor, New Zeltros’ preeminent gastropod tailor and designer has the fine apparel you need for every occasion.
  • The Pink Pearl Cantina: Zeltron opera star Rafali Oen is here to bring you the tastes, hospitality, and music of Zeltros in this new luxury cantina. Enjoy authentic dishes, top-shelf drinks, and live entertainment while lounging in comfort and style.
  • Wandering Star Theater: This deluxe performing arts venue dazzles and delights with shows featuring the galaxy’s top talent! Original works, custom set design, and more await patrons at Ziska Rin’s iconic beachside cultural center.
  • Savory Spas: Revitalize and rejuvenate with Savory’s massage therapy and beauty treatments before stepping into a steamy sauna or relaxation pool to melt away your stress. Book today to experience the finest pampering New Zeltros can offer.
Main Storylines

The city offers several storylines and roleplaying themes for residents and visitors alike to participate in:
  • Zeltron culture: Zeltrons flock to the city, eager to enjoy this bridge between their homeworld and the galaxy. Sharing their culture and with other species seems great, but can they overcome racist stereotypes that paint them as lazy hedonists and mind manipulators? As empaths, how do they cope with life in a galaxy filled with pain, inequality, war, and slavery? Can they succeed in using their gifts to shape the future of the Republic?
  • Developing the theater: Owner and manager Ziska Rin wants to create an artistic mecca with her new theater, but it needs creators and performers to really live. Who will emerge as New Zeltros’ greatest stars? What innovative shows can they stage? What will they say to the galaxy?
  • Political intrigue: Zeltron expatriates, resort-goers, the New Republic, and various private investors and public institutions all have stakes in New Zeltros. Can its administration manage these various factions to ensure the city’s future in the rapidly changing arena of post-war politics? How will they face threats from conservative Naboo aristocrats and loyalists to the Imperial Remnant here on the former Emperor’s homeworld?
  • The situation in security: Unbeknownst to most citizens, New Zeltros’ security team is composed of former stormtroopers and other deserters. How will these officers handle this devastating secret? What does it mean for them to now be working in service to the New Republic? How will they cope with their new status as war criminals, and their actions as soldiers? Will they reject their conditioning and face their war traumas to make new but uncertain lives? Or will they succumb to to the brainwashing and battle fatigue and harm themselves or others in this city filled with aliens?
  • Corruption: New Zeltros was founded on high ideals, but can they be lived up to? Will criminal or shadowy figures move in and corrupt the city for profit or political benefit? Already, spice is beginning to flow from the hospital, the beginning of the city’s illicit spice trade…
  • Visiting artists/VIPs: Influential NPCs will visit the city from time to time to interact with player characters. What are their motives? Can the townspeople use these powerful visitors to aid their own goals, fair or foul? Will they make allies or enemies for the city and themselves? How will these interactions affect the future of the town?
  • Haven for escaped slaves: Slavery is antithetical to the Zeltron values of freedom and consent, but it is alive and well in parts of the galaxy still under Imperial control. On some worlds, it’s culturally entrenched, even if the planet has been liberated by the Republic. New Zeltros wants to offer slaves protection, freedom, and citizenship, but what blowback will it receive from traders, cartels, and aristocrats who benefit from it? How will the former slaves themselves cope with trauma and their adjustment to free life? How will the city aid their transition and spread anti-slavery ideals?
Players Wanted!

We are looking for residents to help New Zeltros grow. Roleplayers are welcome and highly encouraged to join us! Non-roleplayers are able to become citizens as well, provided they are friendly to RP and respectful of players around them. Shopkeepers/business owners and entertainers are particularly needed, with prime vendor space and performance venues available for use.

In addition, consider if you might enjoy filling any of these optional roles:
  • Resort staff: bartender, waiter/waitress, cook, spa employee, security
  • Artist or performer: musician, dancer, actor, painter, playwright, poet, comedian, tortured artist
  • Business owner: run a shop or venue of your own design
  • Tradesperson: tailor, smith, architect/interior designer, mechanic, etc
  • Medical professional: doctor, nurse, lab assistant, counselor/therapist
  • Politico: Nabooian aristocrat, politician, government employee, New Republic official, movement leader or activist, lawyer, philanthropist, refugee
  • Educator: university professor, teacher or instructor, student, researcher
  • General resident or vacationer
IC and OOC rules

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • The mayor reserves the right to remove all perpetrators of jerk behavior at their discretion.
  • Be mindful of godmodding, metagaming, the consent of other players, and IC/OOC distinctions.
  • Keep spatial chat clean - use group or tells for objectionable content.
  • Force sensitivity, spice use, and smuggling should be kept discreet.
  • Citizens and visitors may not openly carry or brandish firearms or other weapons.
  • In accordance with New Republic law, the trading of slaves, spice, and other illicit goods are not permitted within the city.
  • Escaped slaves and other refugees are invited to apply for asylum and citizenship.
Please contact Leonides in-game, Taras#4503 on Discord, or reply to this thread if you have any questions or would like to become a citizen!
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City Update: Week 11/20

Post by Leonides » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:20 am

[OOC City Update for the Week of 11/20]

Hello, fine citizens!

This is the first of the weekly updates I intend to send about the state of New Zeltros. Here's what's up for this week:

City update/elections end: Late 11/23, early 11/24
Citizens: 20
Treasury Report: 396,333cr

Since we've grown to 20 citizens, we're on track to advance to Rank 4 (City) once the city updates on Thurs/Friday. Thank you to everyone who made alts to help us meet the requirement!

Please remember to check your home maintenance at your house's terminal so it doesn't disappear on you. You'll need cash on hand (rather than bank credits) to pay it up. Once depleted, it will draw from your character's bank account. Once that dries up, the home becomes condemned, and if its condition reaches 0, it will be destroyed and we'll lose your citizenship. Keep an eye on your game mails for notifications.

I am on vacation from 11/21 to 12/2. While I will be available on Discord, I won't be able to log into the game. Once I return, we can place all our fabulous new buildings!

At Rank 4, we get the shuttleport, theater, and hospital. The deeds for these are ready and waiting. We'll need a master doctor to place the hospital.

Since the three-week election cycle is also ending, I'll be able to advance as a politician, and we'll have access to city mission terminals, skill trainers, a garage and cloning facility, city decorations, and militia appointments so that other people can grant zoning rights as well.

If you haven't voted, please do so before midnight on Thursday 11/24 so that I can get the maximum experience possible to train up for those city amenities.

After all that, what's next?

1. City Re-zoning Day: At some point, we'll be uprooting and replacing all the small homes behind the residential beach to arrange them into better-looking neighborhoods. Beachfront medium homes will not be affected. Stay tuned for details - I'll be contacting anyone who needs to move.

2. Neighborhood Party: Not everyone has met each other ICly yet, and we should remedy that! Expect a get-together at the Pink Pearl for some mingling with the neighbors.

3. Choosing a City Specialty: After we've put in all the basic city features, we have the opportunity to choose what the focus of our town will be. You can view the different options under Politician in the professions list. Feel free to make suggestions if you like something in particular! Improved Job Market (which improves mission payouts) is most likely if we don't take in any high-end crafters.

4. Decorating Efforts: We've gotta fancy up all those naked buildings, particularly city hall and our entertainment venues.

5. Grand Opening: Sometime in December or January we'll be officially opening the city and inviting people over to party! A brief speech by the mayor will open the festivities on the beach. Expect games, social RP, and fireworks! This will be a great time to show off your venue if you have one.

6. Weekly RP Events: I'll be hosting cantina games every week in the Pink Pearl for lighthearted social RP and IC icebreaking. I encourage you all to develop events as well, either one-off or recurring, if that appeals to you!

Thank you, all of you, for your interest and dedication to the game. It makes me so happy to see everyone this motivated and creatively engaged. You are all gems and a joy to RP with.

Thank you all for taking the time to place your homes and vote with your mains and alts, for giving me advice concerning building placement, donating to the city treasury (things are going to get expensive as we grow!), and most importantly - helping each other.

New Zeltros is going to be freaking sweet! Keep RPing, and I'll see you in December.

- Leo
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City Update: Week 12/4

Post by Leonides » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:11 pm

[OOC City Update for the Week of 12/4]

Hello, fine citizens!

There have been a lot of new developments since my last update, so here's what's going on in New Zeltros!

City update: Late 12/7, early 12/8
Citizens: 23
Treasury Report: 1,490,096 cr
Weekly Maint: 223,500 cr

New Features: On 11/24, we reached Rank 4 (City). This unlocked the rest of our public amenities! We now have a shuttleport, garage, theater, and cloning center in addition to our cantinas, bank, and guild hall.

Various mission terminals and skill trainers have also been installed. If there's a specific one you'd like to see, please send me a mail so I can add them for you.

We do not yet have a hospital, though our local doctor, Amuj, is plugging away towards master for us. With luck, construction should begin in a week or so.

New Citizens: We've gained three new citizens since 11/24, with more to come as I catch up with everyone after my vacation. Please give a warm welcome to Kynner, owner of an upcoming bakery on Main Street; Suuzanne, our new shuttleport operator and shipping mogul; and Taylah and Lanko, respectively our newest resident performer and city fire chief.

We are always accepting residents, and will provide a complimentary small or medium home to newcomers. We're currently seeking crafters in particular, and offer convenient, high-traffic storefronts on our main street.

City Rank: We're holding steady at Rank 4 (City). Advancement to Rank 5 (the maximum) requires 25 citizens, which we should achieve by the 12/14 city update at the latest. The rank-up won't grant us any new amenities, but it will expand our borders, giving us more space to build.

Maintenance: Thanks to generous citizen donations, our treasury is quite full at almost 1.5 million credits. Given our weekly maintenance cost, New Zeltros is covered for the next six weeks. However, costs are expected to rise as our rank increases and we add the hospital and city decorations and gardens, so further donations are always welcome.

Militia: Our city militia officers are Honi, Uhuch, and Varul. Please contact them to assist with city issues if Leonides is not available!

Taxes: We now have a 200 cr shuttleport tax to help support city expenses. To make it easier for citizens to maintain their homes, no further taxation is planned.

Events: Tonight (Wednesday) we'll be hosting some IC cantina games in the Pink Pearl between 9 and 10 EST. If successful, the event will continue weekly. Stay tuned!

Varul has also begun a city-wide plotline involving two noble families, an infestation in the theater, and a mysterious spice stash... contact him to get involved!

Did you know?: Entertainer missions between New Zeltros' cantina and Moenia provide the highest payout on the planet.

Since our ent mission terminal is right outside the cantina doors, you can also pick up missions that send you right back inside! Make some credits while you grind up ent and RP!

What's next?: We're continuing to work on the goals I outlined in the last update. Our neighborhood icebreaking party will be hosted by Uhuch at the Goalie's Gastropub (exact date TBA.) I'm still investigating an ideal date and time to pull up and re-arrange our residential zones. The Grand Opening will likely be scheduled for mid-to-late January.

Acknowledgements: Thank you very much to Sandarie for event advice, Honi and Ziska for their treasury donations, Destroy for providing our city deeds, Varul for his DMing and storywriting, and every visitor who has stopped by to sightsee or roleplay. Things are really shaping up and it's all thanks to you!

See you around before the holiday crush!
- Leo

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Re: [RP] New Zeltros, Naboo

Post by magnaroman » Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:36 pm

AN envelope would be left on the mayor's desk. The contents would be written in clearly legible handwritting, not printed on durasheet it would also be on parchment.

Your honor,

My name is Kazanna Rem and I have come to the city on two occasions. The first was to deliver legal documentation from Bestine's firm Talvos and Scrael, the other occasion I have come as a tourist. I am very interested in becoming a citizen of the town. I am very much a lost daughter of Zeltros and am looking for a home. Please contact me at Rem,Kazanna 43808 frequency to speak with me direct or if you would prefer somebody you designate.

The Business card would be embossed paper that read Rem Courier Services. It would have a half New Republic and Half imperial symbol. The words Bonded and insured so your parcel gets there quicl was inscribed at the bottom.

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Re: [RP] New Zeltros, Naboo

Post by Moonbeam » Sun Nov 22, 2020 6:17 am

Topaz breezes into the Mayors office at City Hall and begins to sift through the correspondences on her desk. Noticing the envelope, she immediately opens and reads it. Noting the Name and Comm frequency, she punches in the number on her comm and leaves a message.
"Hello, This is Topaz, Mayor of New Zeltros. I would be happy to meet with you are your earliest convenience. I should be around town most of the day today or you can comm me anytime. Thanks"
(Topaz in game or you can connect with me on Discord with Aly :) )

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