(Old Management) Crescent Bay, Corellia

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(Old Management) Crescent Bay, Corellia

Post by Meepy » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:33 pm


Welcome to the luckiest place in the 'verse! (Or something like that..)
Crescent Bay, Corellia welcomes anyone to join our little city for relaxation and entertainment. There are no alignments here aside from the desire to have fun and keep the peace.

Crescent Bay was recently acquired from an imperial presence that was driven out. It has been under construction and slowly being developed into a more welcoming and entertaining environment for all. New additions to the city include a Casino and Pub where visitors can try their luck and enjoy a pint. Anything goes in this laid back setting and we wish for luck to be ever on your side!

Things to look forward to and are coming soon are plans for a smoke den, lottery, and either Baz Nitch fighting or Chuba races (pending animal aquisitions.)

If you're interested in joining us or have ideas you'd like to add and develop with us, contact Lea Babi.

Crescent Bay, Corellia Waypoint: 7131, 4826

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Re: Crescent Bay, Corellia

Post by Temperius » Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:13 am

Looking for a place to get away from it all? Nosey neighbors?
The Imperial eye?
Wanna find a place where you and your activity will go unnoticed?
A place where if the mayor doesn’t see it, its ok? Well, then, this ghost town calls you and all your illicit activities! Grow funny things! Build “the bomb” ! Do what you always wanted to do! Now you can! Just keep the Mayor in office and vote and he will leave you the hell alone! Forever! Hahahahaha! Move to Crescent Bay, a Research Center!

**Contact Adversarius “Doc” Mortis and he’ll get you and whatever it is you “do” set up!**

“Snitches get Stiches from The Doc himself!”

Oh, and heck yeah, we have a shuttle!

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