Broken Bridge, Corellia

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Broken Bridge, Corellia

Post by Destroy » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:18 pm

Broken Bridge is a Metropolis just North of Cornet, Corellia. It was founded when the Fallen Star spaceship crashed down on corellia leaving survivors stranded all alone on the eif sever until we all showed up. The survivors felt that it would make a great site for a city and founded BB just across the once standing bridge. Sadly the spaceship is no more after a hostile Gungan takeover left it in ruins.

The good news is that what is left is a great community of veterans , Rebels, Imperials, aliens , humans, crafters, traders, RPers, and entertainers that live there, work there, entertain there or otherwise just like to visit with the vibrant folks in and around the city. It is a great place to meet new folks, and just about everyone has visited it once or daily as it is a central trade hub of the server hosting DE's, Weaponsmiths, many soon to be armorsmiths, Architects, Artisans, Rangers, Resource Gatherers, and Loot sellers. Many of those visitors prefer to stay there as well , and everyone is welcome to do the same.

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Everyone is welcomed to Broken Bridge, many of its citizens will help new players find their way thru crafting or combat, or even entertaining. There is almost always a vibrant community to greet you in the cantina or by the mission terminals.

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Hope to see you next time you stop by.

Mayor and new friend
Destroy , Ansasor, Talon

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