Alteration to Faction Mission Terminals

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Alteration to Faction Mission Terminals

Post by EccentricM » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:59 pm

So a thought came to me today when doing some faction missions, and mainly this is an immersion thing. I had wondered to myself "how is it so many Imperial forces are on this NR world?" So I thought missions to take out enemy faction NPCs (such as Stormtroopers, NR soldiers, etc) would make more sense if they could only be taken on enemy controlled worlds, as a form of more "EIF lore friendly" factional missions.

Exceptions to this would perhaps be factional missions to take out camps of "spies" on one's own factional planet, as it would make sense they slipped through the boarders. Otherwise all other factional missions would be taking out pirates, criminals, mercs, opposing faction sympathisers, terrorists and other alike threats when taking a mission on a planet owned by one's own faction.

To achieve this, perhaps some alteration to the code where a planet owned by "x" faction, that faction's mission consoles on that planet will only spawn "certain missions"

But that's it really! Very minute detail. :)
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