Jedi as a profession.

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Re: Jedi as a profession.

Post by SimpusMax » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:59 pm

AuroraEve87 wrote:
Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:59 am
In my humble opinion, being a Jedi should absolutely be a losing battle. It's often pointed out as a large reason for SWG's demise. It probably sounds heartless, but in order for Jedi to be even remotely rare, not everyone that wants it should get it, because nine out of ten players want one. (In fact, quite a few are already roleplaying one, despite it not being available.)

Unlocking should be painful, even if the class isn't alpha. The only server with an unlock system that I've kinda liked is Awakening, because it is long, hard and you are left in the dark a bit. Even there, though, you see quite a few Jedi force-running around starports.

Training should be orders of magnitude harder than any other profession, too. I want to be absolutely terrified of a BH erasing a ton of work. That's how it should be. It may seem unfair because, in the end, you won't be any more powerful than any other class. But, the lot of the Jedi never was fair.

With this server being set after the Emperor's death, it would be less heinous, lore-wise, to see a whole bunch of Jedi popping up. In fact, doesn't Luke start a short-lived Jedi academy? But still, if it is both painless and easy, there will just be far too many.

I think you want to dissuade as many people as possible from going for Jedi, so that only the guys and girls who really want it even if it doesn't come with bells and whistles, and may often be frustrating and lonely, still go for it. Really, don't be afraid to make it absolutely suck. We all have 3 character slots.

One thing I've always lamented, though, is that there is supposed to be a whole world of Force sensitivity beyond just Jedi or Sith. You might also be able to curb the number of lightsabers by making it an interesting choice for people to stay as a normal profession even if they unlock. Eg, a smuggler with mind tricks, etc.
Conceding that I may be in the minority I whole heartedly agree. I wish a server would have Jedi play as hard mode, not god mode. Even to the point that a single death was permanent, or had a really long (week, month) respawn timer.

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Re: Jedi as a profession.

Post by Magus » Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:56 pm

I like some of the conceptual ideas there.
And have faith with what you've got going and from what Ani has told me.
Only thing i'd ask for is force lightning, or some sort of darkside force attack or something - for the darker inclined of us on the spectrum ;).

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Re: Jedi as a profession.

Post by Magus » Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:05 pm


While i completely acknowledge the want for the jedi profession to be a rarity, i embrace the reasoning for letting it be a little more accessible in the profession branches like BH, Ranger, SL, etc.
It lets those of us who RP FS-type characters to play as such.

Lore wise there have always been FS characters and sub groups; shamans, nightsisters,various cults, etc. that would have remained either in secret or hidden away - Or those of us that pieced together things from either sides through out the years of SWG being around - with the disarray of the empire it's not crazy to think more of these groups would trickle out and be a little more visible than before ( i think someone mentioned this earlier )

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Re: Jedi as a profession.

Post by Xerxies » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:11 am

Shunkaha wrote:
Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:08 pm
Just a reminder

A Jedi saga by Raph Koster

The game, in my opinion, would have been totally different and would have survive longer. My 2 cents.
This should be required reading before you can comment.

I really think jedi should be quest npc and “boss” type npc. Still have a new class. Call it force sensitive. Still have trees. Rework them so each profession can make use of them.

BH shouldn’t be forgotten. Make a bounty available for anyone killed. Once pvp starts BH becomes amazing. And fun and....will feel more real. Jedi vs BH is played out.

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Re: Jedi as a profession.

Post by Xerxies » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:13 am

Sounds like a clique

quote=Bean post_id=2099 time=1511920355 user_id=1891]
I have a couple thoughts on how "unlocking" Jedi might be modified for an RP based server such as this.

What if Jedi were based on interactions with another player character who was already a Jedi (profession) themselves? Halyn and the rest of the dev team could choose a few players that they feel represent the spectrum of force users in the galaxy and do whatever magic it takes for those characters to be "unlocked."

Those characters then set out in the galaxy and find the next "generation" as it were, and decide who to "train." This could be supplemented by the dev team occasionally picking a player here and there, to keep the numbers stable and keep Star Wars, Star Wars.

Obviously this system would require a certain amount of trust on behalf of both the players and the dev team. I think thus far the server has shown itself to be a fairly reliable group, and if Jedi isn't stronger than other professions, the potential for abuse is limited.

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