Fire Damage Over Time

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Fire Damage Over Time

Post by Anishor » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:57 pm

Hello everyone,

So this morning there was a discussion I started on Discord regarding the fire dot and the wounds it causes. From a design perspective the wounds caused make logical sense if you're thinking about it from a real world perspective. However from a gameplay perspective it's not that fun, especially as NPC strength increases in places like the Corvette.

So, how are we going to change things? Well given the nature of EiF's HAM system we have more options to us. Thanks to the fact that players cannot be in-capped from Action or Mind pools we have some options available to us.

Also let me be very clear, I do not intend to remove the need for fire blankets.

So, with that in mind I would like community feedback on the following changes.

1.) Fire wounds are capped to 10% of the pool per dot. Currently they max out at your pool base maximum - 1.
2.) Fire wounds will no longer apply to the central pool but the regen pool. ( ie constitution instead of health. )
3.) Commando specials for Flamethrowers will not apply health damage but action.
4.) Commando specials for Acid Rifles will not apply health damage but mind.
5.) Torso Shot Fire will not apply health damage but mind.
6.) Reduce the amount of Battle Fatigue from 7.5% of the attackers damage to .75%.

The idea is that commandos get a role as a debuffer and aren't relying on the cheese of fire wounds black barring someone. They can suppress specials and do damage with a combo of flame thrower / acid rifle and grenades. This also applies to Commando special using NPCs.

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