Entertainer Feels still Lacking

All things entertaining! Or about the Entertainer profession in EiF
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Entertainer Feels still Lacking

Post by Itikar » Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:25 am

Hello to everyone, I am new to SWG and have been playing here a character with entertainer profession in the last few months (on and off, compatibly with RL).

What my experience gave me was that the entertainer profession is really not on par with the other professions. Like at all. I wonder if there are still some revamps in the works, but if there are not the current state of the profession is simply put: not worth taking.

In other words three out of four skill trees give nothing of considerable value, especially compared to other professions that gain exclusive abilities.

The only tree that has some usefulness is the first one, the fame one, which lets entertainers earn more credits from missions. That is very welcome, especially, on a non-combat character and even more on an entertainer that in this way has an incentive to remain in the cantina. It is still to be noted, however, that the money earned through those missions is still not comparable to that one can earn with a combat character, but at least it requires much less action on the part of the entertainer, so this one is pretty good, really.

The problems come with the other three trees. Dancing gives access to some dances that are all inferior to anything obtained even from Dancing Knowledge I on the Dancer skill, hence, they will never be used. Musicianship is a little better in that it gives access to hardly used songs, but at least it has some instrument proficiencies and schematics, of which the mandaviol (obtained at master entertainer) is the only cool one though. And then there is the last tree, Entertainment Healing, which provides some buffs to an entertainer's healing ability (for a total of +35 including novice and master), which are inferior to those provided by the two skills (+60).

Conversely, not having access to basic instruments, songs and dances makes things a little awkward for those who take dancer or musician on characters of other professions, since they learn advanced stuff but cannot perform the most basic ones. O_o

Some tentative proposals:

- Make mind buffs exclusive to the entertainer profession, the same way action and health buffs are exclusive to docs. This seems the main issue to me really.

- Make all dances available through Dancer, all songs and all instrument schematics available through Musician, leaving to Entertainer only the redundant starting ones (which will be available also through the respective skills of course)

I am sorry if it is long or weird, but I felt Entertainer was the black sheep of the profession system of the server from a while now, and I hope one day to see them shine as the others. :)

Edit: removed some rambling about stats, which was ultimately meaningless. Some exclusive stuff would really be preferrable. Maybe crafting of entertainment props, like those shown in some NGE videos. Another idea could be to make special effects only available to the entertainer profession, but I am not entirely convinced of it. Well, anyway, this is tentative for a reason, it identifies a problem and tries to find a solution but the latter is not fixed in stone.

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Re: Entertainer Feels still Lacking

Post by Itikar » Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:16 pm

After talking a little on the Imperial Discord, I would like to propose these changes:

- Switch the mind enhancement for both music and dancing to the Entertainer profession and away from Dancer and Musician. Or perhaps leave it only at like 20% there. Being exclusive would be more consistent with the way health and action buffs are restricted to docs and not available to medics.
- Move all the dances to the Dancing Knowledge tree of Dancer. Right now Entertainer has access to the basic dances, which master dancers oddly enough cannot perform.
- Move all the songs and instrument proficiencies to the Musical Knowledge tree of Musician. Same as the above for the basic songs.
- Move all instrument schematics to the Musical Techniques tree of Musician.
- Move most, or even all, wound healing to Musician and Dancer respectively.
- Split battle fatigue healing between entertainer profession and Dancer/Musician Fatigue Healing trees, since battle fatigue healing is the main thing for which entertainers are sought for.

So in short, concerning the three currently underwhelming trees of Entertainer:
- turn the Musicianship tree into a musical buffing tree.
- turn the Dancing tree into a dancing buffing tree.
- turn the Entertainment Healing tree into a battle fatigue healing tree.

And give all the choreographical stuff, like dances, songs, etc. to dancer and musician so they are available for roleplay and fun to everybody. :)
Oh, and please give some cool titles to those three trees, Apprentice Dancer is not something I am going to put on my Master Entertainer. :P

In general, while the fame tree is cool, I see the entertainer profession as not providing any sensible mechanical advantage over a dancer or musician who mains another profession, and I think this is not good for game balance and balance among the professions overall. I know this is no priority and it is all right, since there are other more pressing concerns, but I have patience and faith in the devs that the issues of entertainer will be sorted out eventually.

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