EiF New Player 101

Guides to playing EiF are here. These can even include links to outside sources which are compatible to EiF. Look for the Master Guide Listing to be stickied at the top.
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EiF New Player 101

Post by Smallcorners » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:28 pm

Welcome to Empire in Flames!

Before you start looking at all the race choices available, or puzzle over the light-bulb moment of the skill trees, you have probably asked a dozen questions and received a few dozen answers, that is if you joined EiF's discord. There you will find a lively group of cross time-zone players willing to answer those questions and help out new citizens. So on to the questions!

Jedi? Not yet. JTL? Very not yet. Underworld? Patience. Theme Parks? On the list. Patience, our Devs are fantastic, but they do have lives and jobs. Besides, Halyn’s rabbit holes are vastly entertaining, often useful, and generally progressive.

GCW? Active! There are some bugs being smished, but we are officially at war, again. GCW events happen very sixth day at 9:30pm ET.

Timeline? At this time, December 2018, we are almost two years after Endor. So Jabba, Vader, Palpatine are dead. Things are happening within the former Empire, and the struggling New Republic. We are in our own timeline, and that time is of impending, all out, civil war.

Where are the players? Ah, yes, the NPC cities do feel a bit underpopulated, but that does not mean there is no one here! In EiF, player cities is where it is at. Broken Bridge is the first city that veterans will direct you to, regardless of your governmental loyalties. BB is neutral, with heavy Imperial leanings, but they are very welcoming to every one, and the cantina just steps from the shuttle is a major hub of activity. If you prefer a more New Republic feel, head to Naboo and New Zeltros. While NZ may not be fully set up, it is an Improved Job Market on a starter planet. Other player cities that provide support in various ways are Agathon on Dantooine, and Alexandria on Lok. There are also several other player cities that have shuttles and vendors, and a few that choose to not be on the map. Then there is Port Jato...

Role Play? There is! The community is small, strong, and growing. Where is the fun in wielding a light saber, or wearing that white armor without some pretending? RP'ers here run the gamut of hardcore, to just situational, but the population as a whole cooperates with each other and maintains respect for the variety of play styles. RP'ers like to blow stuff up too after all, and sometimes a Raider wants to swagger about an epic hunt. We are very RP friendly, but not RP required. Play to your comfort level.

Events? Yep, have those too. Check the Holonet in the starports not only for recent news, IC/OOC, but also upcoming events. In addition to the weekly RP events, we also have Server holiday events that tease new items. Players often host events beyond their venues, look out for the Galactic Racing Circuit!

PVP? Yes, there is! If you are into that sort of thing, you can chose a side, see a recruiter and run afoul of not only cross factioned NPCs, but also players looking for some action. Don't worry though, you can avoid getting your groceries shot up by requesting leave anywhere. PVP on EiF is consensual, respectful, and like many things, always subject to a bit more tweaking.

No, you do not need buffs! Doctor and Entertainer buffs are used here for PVP and high end bosses. HAM works differently here too. You will incap/die do to loss of health, but not to action, or mind. However, food and drink is recommended for all adventurers, and don’t forget your PSG.

Get yourself a grouper droid, as we do not have ‘solo groups’ here. Bonus to the droid? It will not swipe or lose your credits. It will though help you with XP. XP gains are different here, as are the calculations on how it is earned.

Most professions can take six missions at a time. The exceptions are Bounty Hunter and Entertainer who can only have one of their mission types.

We have Professions, and Skills. All can be dropped, swapped, and retaken with the proper amount of work. There is no ‘One Best Build’ here.

Hutts cannot dance. But we do have many other races that you can play. Each account is allowed three characters, and on EiF you can have all three up at once. Have a family member or roommate that wants to play too? There is a forum thread to request multiple accounts on an IP address.

Doc, Medic, Entertainer and need healing XP? Tumble here does not work, nor does healing yourself, but you do have two alts that you can use to set on some radiation harvesting to get those XP juicy black bars. Not a surveyor? Hunt spiders or ask someone to bring you their wounds. Before you randomly heal people standing around, please ask, they might be holding that XP for someone else.

Bazaar, few people use it. Instead we vendor everything. On the Bazaar terminal, go to the last option for vendors and shop there. Don’t forget to look for Region, Planet, Galaxy!

Have questions? Ask in Discord.

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Re: EiF New Player 101

Post by Smallcorners » Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:31 pm

Links! Because people asked for them:

Discord: https://discord.gg/uvNrseC

Friday Feature: http://www.empireinflames.com/?p=659 Also this forum here: viewforum.php?f=19

The hidden guides to stuff: viewforum.php?f=65

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Starsider/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpireInFlames

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Re: EiF New Player 101

Post by EccentricM » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:42 am

EIF Installation Instructions & Troubleshooting

(Posting this here by request of the OP)

So, I've decided to write up a little guide and expansion upon the installation instructions on the EIF main page in more detail. Which can be found here.

Step 1

Upon downloading and installing your EIF launcher, you be sure to right click the EIF launcher, and then click "run as administrator". This usually prevents most problems people tend to encounter.


Once the launcher application starts you will notice that you shall not have a green bar, nor will you be able to click "Play" as shown in the picture above, this is normal as you have yet to link the launcher to the any directories, which shall be covered below in the next step.

Step 2

You should procceed to "link your directories" to the appropiate locations. To do this first click the "browse" button at the top right-hand side of the launcher (if you do not see this option, you should first click the "settings" tab on the left-hand side of the launcher). After you do this, a window should pop up which is asking you to "select a folder". When this appears you should direct the window to a folder in your "C drive" and then to a folder named "EmpireinFlames". If you do not have an EmpireinFlames folder, then all you shall need to do is make one. When done correctly, the directory should be; "Local Disk (C:) > EmpireinFlames".

(If you find the the browse button is not working, and no window is popping up, try quitting the launcher and re-launching it again as administrator, this tends to fix this small and rare issue.)


Step 3

Once this stage is complete, you must then click on the "SWG install" button, to then direct the path to either where you base StarWarsGalaxies files are located on your PC (which were installed by your Star Wars Galaxies retail disks), or directing the path to your already installed "SWGEmu" folder (which is highly recomended over directing the path to the StarWarsGalaxies folder as most report less problems with by using this directory - The reason being that some versions of the retail disks are not compatible with the EIF server, due to missing files which were in later versions of the original game, but such files "are" in the SWGEmu files, of which EIF is based upon).

(If you find the the "SWG Install" button is not working, and no window is popping up, try quitting the launcher and re-launching it again as administrator, this tends to fix this small and rare issue.)


Upon completing all these stages, the launcher should then begin to start downloading the files for the game and then will allow you to hit "play" upon completion.

(If you find that after all the above stages have been completed accurately, but the download bar is making no progress, try quitting the launcher and re-launching it again as administrator, this tends to fix this rare and small issue).
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