EiF New Player 101

Guides to playing EiF are here. These can even include links to outside sources which are compatible to EiF. Look for the Master Guide Listing to be stickied at the top.
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EiF New Player 101

Post by Smallcorners » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:28 pm

Welcome to Empire in Flames!

Before you start looking at all the race choices available, or puzzle over the light-bulb moment of the skill trees, you have probably asked a dozen questions and received a few dozen answers, that is if you joined EiF's discord. There you will find a lively group of cross time-zone players willing to answer those questions and help out new citizens. So on to the questions!

Jedi? Not yet. Nor will they be an Alpha class.

JTL? Very not yet, but you can bet ours will be unique too.

Underworld? Patience. People also ask about player bounties as a part of this. Right now it is a consideration, the question is how to do that best, if it will be done at all.

Theme Parks? On the list. Patience, our Devs are fantastic, but they do have lives and jobs. Besides, Halyn’s rabbit holes are vastly entertaining, often useful, and generally progressive. *March 2019 update* Sith Shrine is open and with loot, you can find the entrance on Coruscant!

GCW? Active! There are some bugs being smished, but we are officially at war, again. GCW events happen very sixth day at 9:30pm ET.

Timeline? At this time, December 2018, we are almost two years after Endor. So Jabba, Vader, Palpatine are dead. Things are happening within the former Empire, and the struggling New Republic. We are in our own timeline, and that time is of impending, all out, civil war.

Where are the players? Ah, yes, the NPC cities do feel a bit underpopulated, but that does not mean there is no one here! In EiF, player cities is where it is at. Broken Bridge, Corellia is the first city that veterans will direct you to, regardless of your governmental loyalties. BB is neutral, with heavy Imperial leanings, but they are very welcoming to every one, and the cantina just steps from the shuttle is a major hub of activity. If you prefer a more New Republic feel, head to Naboo and New Zeltros. New Zeltros is an Improved Job Market on a starter planet. Other player cities that provide support in various ways are Agathon on Dantooine, and Alexandria on Lok. There are also several other player cities that have shuttles and vendors, and a few that choose to not be on the map. Then there is Port Jato...

Role Play? There is! The community is small, strong, and growing. Where is the fun in wielding a light saber, or wearing that white armor without some pretending? RP'ers here run the gamut of hardcore, to just situational, but the population as a whole cooperates with each other and maintains respect for the variety of play styles. RP'ers like to blow stuff up too after all, and sometimes a Raider wants to swagger about an epic hunt. We are very RP friendly, but not RP required. Play to your comfort level.

Events? Yep, have those too. Check the Holonet in the starports not only for recent news, IC/OOC, but also upcoming events. In addition to the weekly RP events, we also have Server holiday events that tease new items. Players often host events beyond their venues, look out for the Galactic Racing Circuit!

PVP? Yes, there is! If you are into that sort of thing, you can chose a side, see a recruiter and run afoul of not only cross factioned NPCs, but also players looking for some action. Don't worry though, you can avoid getting your groceries shot up by requesting leave anywhere. PVP on EiF is consensual, respectful, and like many things, always subject to a bit more tweaking.

No, you do not need buffs! Doctor and Entertainer buffs are used here for PVP and high end bosses. HAM works differently here too. You will incap/die do to loss of health, but not to action, or mind. However, food and drink is recommended for all adventurers, and don’t forget your PSG.

Get yourself a grouper droid, as we do not have ‘solo groups’ here. Bonus to the droid? It will not swipe or lose your credits. It will though help you with XP. XP gains are different here, as are the calculations on how it is earned.

Missions? I need cash! Most professions can take six missions at a time. The exceptions are Bounty Hunter and Entertainer who can only have one of their mission types.

How can I be a...? We have Professions, and Skills. All can be dropped, swapped, and retaken with the proper amount of work. There is no ‘One Best Build’ here.

I can be a...?? Hutts cannot dance. But we do have many other races that you can play. Be aware that some females do not quite look female yet. and we have some males that look rather feminine. There is a project team that is working on updating and polishing all the races, but it will take a while as those models are being created from scratch.

Alts? Each account is allowed three characters, and on EiF you can have all three up at once.

Doc, Medic, Entertainer and need healing XP? Tumble here does not work, nor does healing yourself, but you do have two alts that you can use to set on some radiation harvesting to get those XP juicy black bars. Not a surveyor? Hunt spiders or ask someone to bring you their wounds. Before you randomly heal people standing around, please ask, they might be holding that XP for someone else.

Bazaar has nothing for sale in it? Few people use it. Instead we vendor everything. On the Bazaar terminal, go to the last option for vendors and shop there. Don’t forget to look for Region, Planet, Galaxy!

Have more questions? Ask in Discord.
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Re: EiF New Player 101

Post by Smallcorners » Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:31 pm

Links! Because people asked for them:

Discord: https://discord.gg/uvNrseC

Friday Feature: http://www.empireinflames.com/?p=659 Also this forum here: viewforum.php?f=19

The hidden guides to stuff: viewforum.php?f=65

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Starsider/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpireInFlames

Thor, a still mostly accurate place to find those NPCs. As we do not have Combat Medics, and do have Surveyors, all the CM trainers learned new skills and can now train Survey stuff: http://thehammerofresistance.com/swgemu ... -locations

Galaxy Harvester: http://galaxyharvester.net/ghHome.py?

SWG Craft: http://swgcraft.org/dev/home.php

If you have an NVidia card and want to force Anti-Aliasing: https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?thre ... cards.108/ The App that is noted is here: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/nv ... nload.html, this is the newest version, by the way. Or you can try these instructions that also note Radeon cards: http://www.nrnr.org/custom.php?gid=2113 ... _id=114754. This tip is from Itikar.

Alt+Tab issues? https://windowsreport.com/fix-slow-alt-tab-windows-10/ This tip is from Itikar.

How to increase the RAM allocation for the SWG client: https://www.reddit.com/r/swgemu/comment ... r_the_swg/ This tip is from Itikar.

A note about MODS - Some are built into EIF so you should not just cram your folder full of them, ask first. Always make a backup of your folders just in case.
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Re: EiF New Player 101

Post by EccentricM » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:42 am

EIF Installation Instructions & Troubleshooting

(Posting this here by request of the OP)

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Re: EiF New Player 101

Post by Smallcorners » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:50 pm

Yet more questions...

I cant find any armor for sale!! Look again under wearable containers. At this time, March 2019, our armorers tend to make sets of the base armor called mini suits and sell them that way. A mini-suit is chest, boots, gloves, helm. Other pieces are via request. Faction, Warfame, and other special armors can also be crafted on request, bring the schematics with you.

Will there ever be wings, like the the ones from the Valentine's love event? *stares*

There are two or more people in my house that want to play, or might come visit to play... There is a forum to put in a request to not get locked down for more than one account per IP address right here: viewforum.php?f=50 Please note the name/s of the other account/s please. Please note that the server does have an age limit of 13.

I want to change my name! There is a thread for that here: viewtopic.php?f=40&p=4539#p4539 Please note the original name and the new name. Please be advised that the management reserves the right to refuse names.

I want to change my guild's name... Go poke at the terminal in your guild's registered hall.

Where did all this extra cool stuff come from?? We call them rabbit holes. *nods*

SEA? SEAs are the Armor and Clothing Attachments that can be looted off of mobs. Armor Attachments (AA) are added to armor, by an Armorsmith, during the crafting process. Clothing Attachments (CA) are inserted in slots of clothes made by Tailors after crafting. This site has some more information that is not totally outdated! https://www.eqsanctum.com/viewtopic.php?t=54

How do I become PVP enabled? First be of faction with either the New Republic, or the Imperials by speaking to their respective Recruiters. Type /declare once and then yes in the agreement box to move up to Combatant within 30 seconds. This will make you attackable by NPCs from the opposite faction. Type it again to be moved up to Special Forces (SF) within 30 seconds. At the SF level you can interact with other players via PVP. Please note that stepping into an active GCW zone will automatically flag you as SF if you have chosen a faction.

I don't want to fight anymore!! All right, if you are SF then type /declare to be brought down to combatant within 30 seconds. Type /requestleave to be taken fully out of combat/SF status, this could take 5 to 8 minutes. Hence the step down to combatant first. Note that stepping back into an Active GCW zone will reflag you immediately. Dying to combat with an NPC and cloning, outside of a GCW event, will set you on leave automatically. I think the same is true for other PVP, but I am not sure. Being resurrected by a Doc does not put you on leave.

Duel? Is not PVP, you do not need to be flagged for that, nor of opposite factions to beat each other up.

Can we have Clone Wars armor/weapons for use? No. First we are forty something years past that time, what little of it there may be around is most likely damaged, and is definitely out dated. Clone Wars era armor and weapon requests have gotten a hard no from the devs as they do not fit our time frame. That said, if someone was to make decor objects, artifacts and show them the work, those items could be taken into consideration. Items to wear/use will not be considered.

I want to be an Imp so I can have a walker pet! Um... The NR has them too. Both sides get walkers as pets, not rides, providing you grind up enough faction for them.

((to be continued...))

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