Huttese Armor

If you have an idea for an object, armor, weapon, deco, etc. that has NEVER existed in SWG, this is the place to make a request. As with other requests, the developer and the EIF Owner will approve all creations. Making the request will not guarantee it will be created or placed into the game.
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Huttese Armor

Post by Emerald_Minestar » Fri Jun 28, 2019 7:55 am

Asset Name: Hutt Battle Armor
Asset Category: Armor
Description of the Asset: It provides protection for Hutt players, assuming said players want to go with a combat Hutt build. It would of course be exclusive to the Hutt species.
Why do you feel this asset should be created for EiF?: As of now the Hutt species cannot use any armor, so creating at least one set of usable armor for said species would increase its play ability from a combat perspective, it also would be cool for certain RP scenarios, such as possibly a crime lord being guarded by two Hutt soldiers clad in their special armor.

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