Meet Me On The Beach

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Meet Me On The Beach

Post by JaxonPavan » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:16 am

Lucien let out a sigh as he sat at the desk in the Amethyst after a long day of following up leads, examining evidence, and trying to piece together the chaos that has shaken his new home. It had been a long week, and still no solid leads. Looking over at a holophoto on the desk, he picks it up in his hand, and looks at it. A sad expression crosses his face as the memories of his old life flood back, including memories of his old friends and family.

“Never thought I would say this, but I wish you all were here.”

He looked at the people in the image, all of them joyful and full of energy. In the picture were three Mandalorians, two of them were a couple holding a child and the other one was standing in heavy armor with a blaster cannon resting by her side. Next to her was a bubble gum pink Zeltron in Padawan Robes hanging on to the arm of a brown-haired human in Jedi Knight Robes. Both had a huge grin on their faces while a younger looking Twi’lek in Padawan robes stood next to them, sticking her tongue out at the holocam.

“Even you Mr. Banks.”

He would say as he looks at the Knight Robed human. He continued to scan the picture, a Wookie, holding a large beautifully crafted bow caster, next to him an older man in armor with a sniper rifle. He finally panned to the end of the group, wearing black armor were two people, a short Zeltron standing in front of the nearly a foot taller man. The right hand of the man being held by the Zeltron. Fingers interlaced. He smiled as he looked at himself and Zee. This was their family, now long gone, nothing more than stories of myth and legend. He thought back to those days, not much different than now, galaxy at war, a relentless enemy, but they had each other. They faced life and death, but together they faced it head on, and won. If only they were here now, they could easily help solve the troubles he faced.

Setting the holophoto down, Lucien reaches for his caf mug, but finds that it is empty. He frowns slightly before standing. He walks from the desk across the room to the small kitchen built into the living space of their ship. Reaching for the caf beans, he would call out into the ship while starting to make a fresh pot.

“Zee. I am making a fresh pot of caf. Do you want a cup?”

He stood there for a moment, expecting a reply, a “Yes but make it a butter caf!”, but he didn’t receive a reply.


Still no reply, he closed his eyes for a moment, taking in a deep slow breath, before opening them again. She wasn’t there. It was odd to him, he had been tired out after working nearly non-stop but surely he would have felt her leave or noticed her gone. Concerned, Lucien turns for the door heading into the machine bay. Walking quickly into the bay heading towards the ramp, he came to a stop as he noticed something tucked into the seat of his swoop. Puzzled he walked closer, picking up a folded letter. He looked it over briefly, and then opens it.

My Dearest Lucien.
This is just a note to remind you
of how much you make me smile!
Even when days have been dark and
it seems nowhere to turn, I know you are there.
Tonight after the sun goes down,
and we have some time to take a breath. Meet me on the beach.
All my love,

Lucien stood there for a moment and smiled, a tear forming in his eye. He realized with all recent events that had happened, he neglected to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments with the woman he loved. He folded the letter and put it back into his swoop’s seat before turning for the boarding ramp.

Stepping out into the cool Naboo air, Lucien took a deep breath and looked around. The Sun was close to setting, the amber rays of last light could be seen across the ocean. He turned and started down the main boulevard in the direction of the beach.

As he walked, his mind wandered, thinking back to the old days. He found himself on Junkfort again, walking in a busy docking terminal of that space station and a young Zeltron woman no more than twenty walking up to him.

"H'lo there."

She grins and with a quick stutter step, she matches his cadence.

"Lookin' fer a place t"get a drink?"

Lucien turned his head and looked at her. Speaking in his Coruscanti accent.

“Need something?”

The young Zeltron’s face lit up with a broad smile as she gave him half a shrug.

" 'm good, thanks.... Y'just looked a bit lonely and thought 'd offer t'show ya where most folks go t'catch their breath after a long trip."

Lucien just looks forward and keeps walking.

“I am looking for some foods from the market.”

She stumbles briefly, and reaches out to steady herself, attempting to grab on to him before falling. She steadied herself, bumping close to him, and her hand catches on a pocket of his belt, but as she reaches for his pocket she felt Lucien’s hand grab onto her wrist.

"Oh, careful there... I think you were about to trip. That would not have been good. Are you alright?"

He wasn’t holding her wrist hard, she could slip away, but no doubt she got the idea that he knew what she was doing. Zee catches her breath abruptly, relaxes and looks up at him.

"Thanks! 'bout went flat on my nose"

With a wink she smiled up at him but doesn’t attempt to struggle out of his grip.

"Good you have great reflexes!"

“You should be careful. Lucky for you I was here to catch you.”

He released her from his grip and kept walking.

“You know your way around this station?”

Lucien sighs as he thinks back at that moment. She could have run, should have run from him, but instead she decided to befriend him. Not giving up when he attempted to get to her leave, even when he said.

“But you are lucky... You see had this been a few months ago. Before I decided to be good, I would have played along perhaps. Get your hopes up. Maybe I was an easy mark. And then after getting you calm and comfortable. Lead you into a back alleyway, knocked you out, and dump your body in a dumpster for you to wake up in and then rethink your life."

Lucien shook his head at the bold lie he told her. We would have never done that to her or anyone else. It was nothing more than a lie from a once broken man; a lie she never allows him to live down.

Lucien pauses as he waits for a few speeders to pass before continuing to walk. As they passed his mind wandered again. He was on Nar Shaddaa sitting in a speeder, Zee in the driver seat next to him, they were overlooking the city from the Corellian district. Lucien looks over at her.

“So… What now?”

Zee chuckles uncertainly


She draws in a breath, and debates briefly. If there were anybody who would be ok with it, and not judge her, it was probably him.

"Only real 'xperience I have... would say th' mornin comes an' would b'over.... "

She swallows hard

"But 'ats only b'cause ain' actually had a date.... not one what werent jus' t'get a meal an' shelter. An' all a those... left right 'way."

She lowers her eyes

"So.... 'd like t'keep datin... maybe w'jus' don' end th' date?"

Lucien decided to try something out of the ordinary for him. He reached over for her hand.

“To be fair. I didn’t take this risk for us to end in the morning.”

Zee smiles sheepishly and bites her lip. Giving his hand a gentle squeeze, she speaks softly.


Lucien looked over at the ruin of the Jax as the beach grew closer. Looking at the blacked ruins, he found himself on the damaged Amethyst preparing for an emergency jump into hyperspace.


He lets out a sigh.

"I honestly don't know what is going to happen. We could make it into hyperspace, we could break apart and be scattered across the galaxy. We need to make this one jump count."

He reached over with his hand.

“And if this is the end of our date. Just know. I never regretted a moment of it.”

Zee looks over at him, smiles broadly, and takes his hand.

“Mmm… has been a good ride.”

Zee winks at him as he gives her hand a gentle squeeze and pushes the throttle forward. Propelling them into hyperspace and an unknown future.

Lucien made it to the pearl with a smile on his face as he thought of the strange future they found themselves in. Looking out over the beach, he saw her by the shore in her beautiful flowing purple dress. Zee, the woman he loved. Lucien smiled as she turned and looked at him like she knew he was there. He stepped onto the beach and without a word walked to her, wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a kiss before walking off with her down the beach.


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Re: Meet Me On The Beach

Post by JaxonPavan » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:18 am

<Out Of Character>

This short story is a response to the final roleplay interaction with Aimi. On the afternoon of January 31, 2020, I received a letter in the mail from her. In the past during one of our many late-night phone calls we had talked about Lucien and Zee leaving notes around their ship for each other. I made a joke about us using snail mail instead. We both found it funny and agreed we would send each other in character letters. The idea was put on hold but not forgotten, the week leading up to the 31st she secretly sent the first letter, and it was a pleasant surprise to find, but hours later she would be in the fatal crash that took her life.

This story is a tribute to the woman who became one of my closest friends. It includes excerpts with their dialogue in their original form from three points in our pen and paper campaign. Lucien and Zee meeting, the two accepting their feelings for each other, and finally a special alternate roleplay where the two found themselves propelled into Star Wars Galaxies. These are just three points of countless interactions between these two characters.

On an out of character note. Words can hardly describe the impact she had on me since she joined our campaign back in October. Through the countless messages, hours of roleplay, long calls on discord, and the many nights when we would call right before bed only for it to turn into us talking until Sunrise much to the detriment of both our sleep schedules. She became one of my most close friends; if not the closest. We laughed together, we cried together, we talked of family, the struggle and triumph in our lives, our past and even the painful parts of that past that we kept hidden from others we had known for longer. She was part of my daily life, from the daily good morning messages and chats to our planned Thursday coffee shop day that we only got to experience a few times. We had many plans we put together both for roleplay, and for our interactions in general. Plans that unfortunately will never see the light of day but will always remain special.

On reflecting over the past week, I had come to realize during my college break alone I had spent more time in contact with her than anyone else. Including members of my own family. I do not regret a moment of it. During a time of the year that is normally dark for me, even with the stresses we both faced in these final weeks, this was one of the best I have had in recent memory, and my only regret is not becoming close friends sooner. Over the past week I have concluded that you can’t truly appreciate how you feel for someone or how much they impacted your life until they are gone. I deeply miss my friend more so than I expected. Perhaps one day, when my sun goes down, and I catch my final breath, there will be a beach out there where I can meet back up with my close friend.

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