Going to Meet the Master

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Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:22 pm

((This is the closed RP of Anishor, Thaych, Sepe, and Megan. They have been on a mission to meeting with Custos' master. This is a side story for the EiF Jato Campaign. The Jato Campaign is on Sundays, at 9 pm EST. An IC Planning is held every Thursday, in the Jato Conference room at 9 pm, EST.)

The battered droid, Custos, greets the Jato representatives in Hangar 2 of the station. A small, battered nondescript freighter is parked and ready to go. "Greetings, gentlebeings," the droid intones. "If you are prepared, it's time to depart. We have a long journey ahead to reach my master's secure meeting location."

Megan inclines her head towards the droid, dragging her duffle bag along behind her. She looked around for Thaych and Anishor.

Thaych steppe up next to Megan, nodding. His armor looked freshly maintained and repainted. The cold obscuring T-visor of his helmet staring at the droid waiting for the third being coming with them to Mandalore knows where.

The large wookiee steps behind the others, his blades of light strapped to his back. The blades are in the style of the traditional berserker's ryyk blade; forged with force light, mandalorian iron and cortosis ore in a complex weave done in a partnership with the mandalorian Iske Ahi. His bowcaster was slung on his back as well, along with a few other goodies in his bandoleer - including device that looked like a small comm unit, but really it housed part of Anishor's droid, N5-12. The large berserker used it as a translation device.

Megan smiles at Thaych and Anishor, “I’m thrilled both of you have agreed accompany me on this trip. I know it could take you away from other things for a few weeks.” Her eyes show a hint of sadness and nervousness.

The droid summons the group along, leading the way up the freighter's boarding ramp. "Come, gentlebeings. We have been delayed enough already by your adventures on Utapau." Custos heads immediately to the cockpit to close the ramp from there, allowing the three Jato representatives to board behind him.

A figure clad all in black waits until the Jato representatives have boarded. She slides past the closing board ramp and heads for the cargo area. She creeps quietly to avoid drawing attention. She finds an open floor panel and slips inside.

"Sure, Megan. And, its nice to see you again Anishor. We haven't spoken since Sege's academy." Thaych nodded once, saying such as he moved aboard.
Megan works to drag her duffle bag up the ramp with both hands, tugging at it with only minor success. Finally getting her duffle up the ramp, the little Zeltron hybrid stands with her hands on her small hips and looks around. "Where's the galley?"

Anishor smiles at Thaych, "I thought your scent was familiar. It is good to see his students still doing good in the galaxy." he follows the other two up the ramp and at the top picks up Megan's duffle bag, with ease "This is going to the galley?"

Megan grins up at the gigantic Wookiee, nodding "Yeah. I didn't know if we'd get decent food on this trip, so I brought the necessities. Including Accaragm. I appreciate you suspending your other activities to come with us. You know I'll owe you a favor when this over. I'll see if I can find that Coatrack you've been looking for..."

Thaych would take a look around the entrance for a moment. "Nah, got me all wrong Anishor. I'm as sensitive as a rock. I was just one of the guards, my son Iske wanted me around to keep the actual students safe. Though, I did learn the forms." He'd explain looking to Megan. "What did Allison give you by the way?"

Megan was looking for the galley, but peeked her head out from one area she was inspecting to hold up a hand. “I got a bracelet, a recording device, in case I need to take notes and... ummm. Oh yeah. A multi-tool. You know, in case I need a hydrospanner or a fork."

Anishor chuckles in response, "Oh, well, I'm sorry for mistaking you. Your son is quite an honorable warrior. It has been an honor of mine to fight be his side. I helped him channel energy into his Beskad. He in return helped me create this allow for my own blades." The large wookiee speaks reverently, clearly respecting the man and his family.

"Hey, Custos? I need to contact Jato after we are underway,” Megan shouts out while continuing to search for the galley, noting with interest the areas she's passing through.

The figure in the black pulls out a small water bottle, quickly takes a small sip, and then settles into sleep.
The freighter transitions to hyperspace and is well on its way.
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:25 pm

Megan wrinkles her nose, walking through the freighter looking for Custos, “Hey Custos! I need to send a communication back to Jato."

Custos answers from the cockpit: "Record your message, gentlebeing. This freighter does not have live hypercomm capability. When we next revert to realspace, we can relay your message back."

Megan finds a spot to sit near Thaych and Anishor to compose a message to Alifisno.

Anishor sits down comfortably and closes his eyes and begins praying quietly to the Great Tree, preparing for what was to come.

Fussing with her unruly blue hair a bit, Megan holds up her datapad to record a message. Plastering what she hoped was a reassuring smile on her face, she pushes the record button. "Hi Alifisno! We launched on our trip a bit ago. I've gotten the galley settled, so we can have some decent food. Custos says the freighter we are on doesn't have live hypercomm capabilities. He's sending this out after we revert to realspace. Hope things are going well there. Thaych and Ani are a good calming influence on me, which as you know, is a very good thing. Nothing much to talk about yet, but wanted to let you know we are good. Love you, and hopefully we'll all be back soon!" Megan looks down to the bottom corner of the datapad and pushes the stop recording button.

After copying the message to a datachip, she heads to the cockpit to hand the message over. "Hi Custos. I told the Jato folks we'd send them updates on a regular basis. Here is my first message."

Megan paces the freighter anxiously, then pulls out her datapads, settles on the red one, then plops down on the floor near Thaych and Anishor "Guys... I think we should use this time to plan. I could really use some input into what to talk to the guy about. Allison sent a list along with me, for things she's interested in. But I invited the two of you for more reasons that just pretty faces." Megan grins at the pair of males in front of her.

"Well we need to find out if this person is really the one moving all the pawns, or just pawn themselves. Also what the point of all of this has been. If it is just chaos, we should prevent further chaos," the large Wookiee berserker chimes in, not opening his eyes, his voice calm and soft like a warm breeze through the canopy on Kashyyyk.

"Or, make use of the chaos. Depending on where it’s happening, we could probably leverage their discord to Jato's advantage. If there are still factions gunning for it." Thaych said shrugging, leaning back on the crate he was sitting on. "I'd be wary of anyone trying to hide their face, the fact you had to make a deal for this guy to reveal himself just makes him untrustworthy."

Custos continues to pilot the freighter through hyperspace.

“I'm just confused by all this. The whole thing started with us taking a job. Why are people attacking him? Who hired Serpo? Will his boss be coming after us, now that Serpo is dead? Frowning while flipping through the notes, she looks up "I'd like to not antagonize him until necessary. I'm going to bring a cake to start things off."

"Assuming whatever manner of being Custos' master is can eat cake." Thaych said snorting in amusement. "To be honest, I'd be worried about retribution from Serpo's boss. At the same time however, your mercs have done some pretty incredible things... Lack of discipline not withstanding."

Megan looks up from her datapad, a frown on her pink skinned face "Yeah, I suppose that's the issue often isn't it? We have a group of individuals. Not like a flight of pilots or a platoon of soldiers. Most are used to being on their own and now I ask for them to team up for a common goal. I suppose that's what makes the Mandalorian offer so tempting to me. You are right though, Thaych. That group of mercs have indeed accomplished some incredible things."

"The main problem with the mercs is that they act like they can just do anything they want. Slicing into that hotel's guest records without permission... The last thing they need is for local law enforcement to make things far more complicated mid-mission." Thaych said shaking his his head. "That behavior is going to get someone killed one day."

The little Zeltron wrinkles her nose, knowing the Mandalorian was likely right. She rubs her hands over her face, letting out a long sigh. “Do you ever get tired of it, Thaych? I'm a businesswoman, not a soldier. I can easily go toe-to-toe with a Hutt in business, but these pirates are another story. I, too, am worried about who hired Serpo. I know he was just a pawn from my encounter with him when we had our little casino venture on Jato." Reaching into a small pack next to her, pulling out what is becoming an ever present box of chocolates "Time for a little stress relief. You want some?" She take a couple pieces for herself, then holds out the box to her friend.

Thaych takes one of the pieces of chocolate nodding. "Thanks." He leaned back thinking over the question. "Do I get tired of what? Fighting?"

"Do you get tired of the fighting, the constant feeling of looking over your shoulder, a lack of feeling safe?" Pulling the box back towards her, she takes another piece. "Then again, I suppose you make other people feel safe and kinda therefore maybe don't feel vulnerable."

Thaych shook his head. "I make others feel safe by taking upon their worries myself. The key to being a warrior is the understanding you are always vulnerable. The strongest armor, the most powerful weapon doesn't matter. We all bleed." He rolled his head a little, stretching. "I've been tired with fighting for... Ten years now. However my own obligations do not allow me to retire yet. If I had to guess, this'll be my life until I die, naturally or otherwise."

Anishor looks up from his meditation "I can offer my point of view. I'm berserker, my caste and I are slaves to war, to battle; so that our brothers and sisters can be free, be safe. During battle and many other times, I give myself freely over to the will of the Great Tree. That is why I will never tired of, nor lay my burden down, I simply cannot." The large wookiee sitting cross legged on the floor, relaxes a little bit projecting a sense of calm toward the Zeltron. "As for the fear of safety. It is the price of living. It is what allowed us to evolve and keeps us sharp from predators, but warriors, soldiers, and even lovers learn to acknowledge it, but not give into that fear."
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:27 pm

Megan calms down, her rate of chocolate consumption slowing down considerably, "Hey Custos! What race of being is your Master? Would he like chocolate cake?"

The droid replies from the cockpit. "I am not programmed to divulge that information, gentlebeing."

Megan sighs heavily That's ridiculous. I mean... we're going to know shortly anyway, right…” The little female's violet eyes grew large, her face losing a lot of its color, as she leans towards her companions. "You... you do think we are going to meet his master? Don't you?"

"Nothing is certain. It -could- be a trap. But, that's why you brought us." Thaych said smirking a little. "Or the droid was just programmed in such a way as to not divulge any information about his master."

Running her hands through her hair and nodding, "Right... that's right. I did bring you for protection and your expertise in assessing dangerous situations. I also have you here because I trust you both and I know you can help me assess the information we are getting from Custos' Master." Digging into the chocolate again, she slowly, very slowly starts to calm down once more.

Custos's voice echoes across the intercom. "First nav point coming up. This point is near a hypercomm relay, which will allow any recorded messages to be sent. Expect to be back in hyperspace within several minutes of reversion."

"Custos, how much longer? Should I plan to make a meal?"

Anishor looks down at his datapad, writing two messages. One to his son, the other to Admiral Ackbar. Both he had translated into NR code and prepped them for sending. The large Berserker looked up from his datapad to smile at the others. “Indeed we shall though if it's the coatrack I'm likely to punch him."

Megan stared at the giant Wookiee in confusion, then understanding dawned upon her. "There. Is. No. Flippin' way... No way! Is there? Oh no... no no no." Standing up, she started pacing, hands flailing and punctuating the air with her jumbled thoughts. "He doesn't have those kinds of credits. Does he? I mean, if he did, then Jato would be better funded. Right?" Stopping in the middle of her rant, she places small fists on her narrow hips, her eyes flashing as they bore into Anishor's. "If it is the coatrack, then you'll get to him after I am done with him."

Heading to the galley, Megan did what she did best, she baked. She made a giant durni pie and a chocolate mousse cake, which she served into whatever dishes she could find. Large ones for a Mandalorian and Wookiee appetite. She'd already eaten a lot of chocolate earlier, but cooking calmed her down. "ANISHOR! THAYCH! Come get something to eat!" The smells filled the ship with their goodness, helping to calm her nerves.

Custos's voice echoes over the ship's intercom. "Emerging from hyperspace in five minutes. All gentlebeings should strap in."

Megan quickly secured the chocolate mousse cake, then strapped in. She pulled out her datapad, intending to record another holo to Alifisno and those on Jato. Pushing the button to record, she held up the datapad, to record her greeting. A smudge of chocolate graced her left cheek and her hair was a wild mess. "Hey there! We are about to emerge from hyperspace, so I wanted to be sure to get this message out to you. I don't know if this is our last jump or not. I'll let you know. Thaych and Anishor have been discussing theories with me. I guess it's best to be prepared for all possible ... possibilities." Megan gives a half smile and a little shrug, then bites her lip nervously. "I keep wondering what I'm doing out here. But it's all about Jato and possibly getting an ally. I mean he's got the same enemy we do, right? I mean, we likely wouldn't have the enemy we do... if it weren't for him." Megan looks off into the distance, "Gotta go. I want to get this out to you as soon as possible! Love you and all those back on Jato!" Looking off to the side of the screen, Megan sighs softly, as a look of sadness flashes before she ends the recording.
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:30 pm

The ship reverts from hyperspace, greeted immediately by a static shriek of jamming on all standard comm frequencies save one. Custos locks onto that channel, and the signal echoes through the ship's intercom. "...render. You are outnumbered. You have no chance of fighting. Do not resist. Your only option for survival is your unconditional surrender. You are out..."

Thaych stood up rolling his neck, popping some joints. "Figures. Custos! This ship have weapons and... What kind of ship is hailing us?"

Megan gripped the edges of the seat she was harnessed into. The blood drained from her face. Rasping out a barely audible thought, "Is... is that a recording?"

Anishor begins readying his weapons and checking on the strength of his personal shield generator. "We were pulled from hyperspace? Hard to tell on this boat, it floats like a drunken and sick bantha. IF this ship doesn't have many weapons our only option is parley, or at least boarding another vessel when they try to board us."

Megan sat watching the Mandalorian and Wookiee snap instantly into action, it was a relief to have two physically and mentally strong individuals with her at a time like this.

The figure jerks awake as the ship reverts to realspace. She blinks sleepily as a message blares over the intercom. She quietly pushes up the grating to hear the message better. "Frak," She mutters under her breath. "Time to go see if I can help I guess." She pulls herself out of the hideaway and heads toward the refresher she senses. After using it--it was a long trip!--she gulps down some water and moves to the delicious smell of durni pie. "Need some help?" She asks casually as she appears, making sure to stop and hold her hands up so that the Wookiee and the Mandalorian don't shoot her on sight. :Also, can I have some of the pie?”

Megan snaps her head around, eye widening at the sight of the Togruta. Blinking several times, shaking her head as if to clear it, she rasps outs hoarsely, "Ss...ss...Sepe? Wha... what the frak?"Megan unbuckles her harness finally, dashes to hug the woman, then moves to the galley "I'll dish it up. You talk with those guys. It's about the only thing I can actually be useful at right now."

The ship shudders from a nearby explosion, then goes black for a moment before emergency lighting comes back up. Non-emergency backups are clearly offline.

Megan stumbles out of the galley in reaction to the explosion "FRAK!" Barely managing to keep from dumping Sepe's food on the floor, she makes her way over to the woman, shoving the pie at her.

Thaych was ready to go so when the Togruta appeared he pointed his arms at her. His gauntlets started to gkpe as the integrated blasters heated up. He relaxed though when Megan recognized her. Without asking questions, Thaych hurried to the cockpit. Hoping to see what the hell was happening.
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:32 pm

In the cockpit, Thaych finds a deactivated Custos sitting at darkened controls. The few flickering displays still working show the ship's systems largely offline - the engines, reactor, shields, weapons, and comm are all offline. The emergency backup life support is barely functioning, all indicating the ship was hit with ion weapons.

Sepe quickly gobbles down the pie, marveling at the perfect temperature which means she doesn't burn her mouth and the light, flaky crust. "Mmm. This is excellent Megan!" Her feet dig into the ship's floor to help her maintain her balance. She looks around, trying to see what she could help with.

Megan smiles brightly at Sepe, then sighs heavily, "Sepe, I have a really bad feeling about this. Here, take some more pie and let's go find the guys." The little Zelton appears to be holding it together for now.

Anishor looked around the ship for smuggler's compartments to see what else the ship had, he guessed that since the power was out it was ion blasts and they aimed to capture them. "Anyone able to get visual on what kind of ships fired at us?"

Megan dashed to see if she could find a viewport, other than the cockpit. She'd not spent time doing a lot of exploring after she'd located the galley "Looking for a viewport. I was busy strapped into my harness when we reverted to real space!" Megan reached out for the calm she knew Anishor would likely be exuding right now.

Barely visible through the viewports in the darkness of space, old fighters flash by the now-crippled freighter. Broad-winged Cloakshape fighters and slender, double-winged Scyk interceptors criss-cross flight patterns but do not further fire on the ship.

Standing on tiptoes to press her nose to the viewport, Megan lookedd in as many directions as possible. Megan's forced calm was beginning to crumble, it could be heard in her trembling voice. she called out to Anishor, "They... they look old. Two different kinds that I can see from this angle. One I've seen a few rare times. It's wide, flat, like a flying rectangle, a Cloakshape maybe it's called?... and Scyks. I can't see much. Gah. This can't be good!"

Thaych cursed under his breath, looking about the cockpit. With a grunt he turned around to jog back into the ship proper. "We're dead in the water, Ion fired most of our systems." He checked his gear again. "They haven't blown us to pieces yet... Boarding action?"

Megan calls from her slight vantage point, " Not that I can see! But again, I can't really see much!”

“They wouldn't have used an ion cannon if they didn't intend to board us at some point. We have to assume they are either salvagers or targeting Custos specifically." Sepe heads back to the storage compartment and grabs her gear. She extends her vibro axe and heads back to the main compartment. "Where do you reckon they'll try entry?"

"Likely the main port since they want us alive. I didn't catch any markings, but if they're Cloakshapes and Scyk's it might mean the Hutts." Anishor calls down while moving large pieces of metal from the cargo bay to create barriers they can shoot from behind.

"Tch, hutts. Their goons arent the best but they're blood thirsty enough." Thaych said, his armor folding out a integrated holster. He'd remove a very large pistol from it, checking its power pack. "I agree, older ships means conventional tactics. It’s unlikely they have boarding pods like a military would." He'd clench his fist on his off hand, a small buckler sized shield emitting from his gauntlet. He'd move in front of the main airlock and face it, buckler facing the entrance.

The tiny Zelton watched the three making their preparations. Her eyes wide, she then closed them trying to not make things worse. Struggling to keep her emotions under control and not project her growing terror, she takes deep gulping breaths and rips open a fresh box of chocolates. Her thoughts making mental lists of what she needed to do when she got home. ~Time to learn some sort of defensive capabilities. Megan, put on your armor...~ her selftalk got her moving, very slightly calming her emotions.

The disabled freighter shudders, and ominous groans echo through the ship's structure.

Backing up against a bulkhead, Megan shoves down a few more chocolates, then reaches for a filet knive, one of her best. Grasping it tightly in her hand she cautiously peeks out of the galley, looking up and down the short hallway "What.... what now?"

Anishor reaches out with the force feeling around beyond the ship, attempting to see if the ship was being tractor-beamed in or boarded, he pulls out one of his blades and his intimidator. "We wait then we fight or talk. Depending on what our new hosts' actions."

Sepe steps beside the Mandalorian and widens her stance to off-balance the weight of her vibro axe. "If we really want to talk, we're not setting up the most convincing argument. I mean..." She glances at Anishor's preparations, at Thaych and herself standing right in front of the access point, and at Megan's terrified face. "We don't look like we want to talk."
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:35 pm

Another loud clang echoes through the freighter as another ship clearly forcibly docks. A moment later, a voice, thready and reverberating, echoes through the sealed airlock - clearly from a transmitter pressed against the outside of the lock. "We know who you are. Our spy on Port Jato told us about the Wookiee, the Mandalorian, and the Zeltron girl with the droid. Surrender, or we breach your hull to space and kill you all."

Anishor looks at Sepe "Hide." Sliding his blades back into their sheaths and holsters his pistol. "I'll go get Custos or what's left of him."

"What happens if they don't take the ship with?" Sepe asks, as she retracts her vibro axe and begins to move toward the cargo bay.

Anishor replies calmly "Then you should surrender with us and we may have to take your weapons since you stowed away on this ships. I'll leave that to Megan this is her negotiation."

Sepe nods then quietly slips back into her earlier hiding place.

"But these are not Custos' people. These... these are from the spy. That... shit. Sepe, you and Rando were right. You've been right all along. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry for not taking it more seriously!"

"So they knew or guessed our flight path." Anishor remarks.

Megan, deep in thought comments, "If this was going to be our last jump, then this is where Custos' Master would be. So might be a good guess? Right?"

"I'd be more concerned with how they knew our destination." Thaych said shrugging. "They mean to kill us, surrender or no. I say we open the airlock and barrel our way through to their ship."

"This ... I'm... " Closing her eyes, Megan takes a deep breath. "I don't know what to do. I'm a businesswoman. I make cakes..." Megan looks between the NR General and the large Mandalorian. Clearly two opposing views, which is why she'd wanted them with her. She wanted her best chance to return home and hoped they did too.

Sepe takes a deep breath and lets it slowly out. She calms her mind and tried to block out the fear she knows is Megan's. She is slightly surprised as she realizes she senses peace radiating from one of the others. Her mind recalls what the two mysterious beings told her and she resolves to talk with the Wookiee if they survive.

"Why don't we compromise, let them create a seal and start a boarding process, then we counter attack. At that point any dmg to our hull will affect their ship as well." Anishor suggests to the Mandalorian.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Just to me, surrendering is a death sentence." Thaych said taking a small metal cylinder like object from his belt, turning to toss it to Megan. "Attach that to your belt and turn it on. You're gonna need that."

The Mando activates his belt shield generator and then activates a second on his sword forearm which creates a more visible shield, like the ones the Gungans used and pulls out his intimidator pistol for his free hand. "Agreed. Sepe, sneak behind us after have cleared the entry way. We can use stealth and strength to thwart these villains."

Megan tries to catch the device Thaych tossed to her. She bobbled it a few times before finally securing it in her hands. After figuring out the on switch, she attached it to her armor’s belt. She felt a little bit more secure, as the shield surrounded her. She felt the calm radiating from the Wookiee and confidence of the Mando. Using these, she slowly brought her terror under control.

The voice echoes again through the airlock "Surrender, or we breach your hull to space and kill you all. Lay down your arms and armor."

Searching through her duffle for a box of chocolates, she finds the little bag Allison gave her and pockets it.

Anishor reaches into his pack and pulls out a small ornate object, made with wroshyr wood, wrapped in leather, barely the length of his palm. Then sets down his bowcaster and pistols letting the sound reverberate loudly through the port, he lets his senses extend, as well as looking at the sensors beside the docking hatch seeing if they were green for a complete seal.

Megan presses back into a corner, patting her pocket, then setting down her filet knife. In a tiny voice she whispers "Al's gonna kill me."
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:37 pm

The airlock begins to hiss open.

Megan fingers the little plastic ring on her finger, eyes closing. She was losing the battle to keep her emotions under control and not projecting them.

Anishor moves to the side of the airlock, hiding from direct view as it opens. He waits for a heartbeat and then with a snap and pull his sword is free from its scabbard and the berserker rushes into action slamming into the intruder on point attempting to drive him back into his own ship. His lightsaber and shield protecting himself and the others from shots.

The Wookiee's reckless charge carries him directly into the back of the pod attached to the airlock. Disoriented for a moment, he looks around to see that the ship docked to the freighter's airlock isn't a ship at all, but a modified escape pod of sorts. The pod is empty save a small set of short-range comm gear, a holoprojector and camera, and a loudspeaker which is attached to the half-opened hatch.

Thaych let the tank of a Wookiee go first, standing straight when he saw there was no one on the other side. He relaxed and let out a breath. "A bluff or a trick?"

Megan slumped down, feeling a slight reprieve for a moment. "Or a test? Can that fit all of us? What do we do now? I mean, we are pretty much dead in space.”

Sepe shifts restlessly wondering what is going on. She feels a spike of fear from Megan and hears a loud thump. She really wishes the group was comm-linked but she forces herself to stay hidden.

A voice chimes from the comm array. "Not a bluff or a trick. A precaution against overeager Wookiees and Mandalorians."

"Kriff, they can hear us..." Megan steps forward, peeking into the pod. "Who are you? What do you want with us?"

"and I'm not overzealous, just over protective, who are you and what is it you want?" The large Wookiee retorts putting his weapons away.

"Who can wait. What I want is for you to disarm and board the pod. We will take your vessel into tow. You will not be permitted to remain armed among us. We would rather not kill you all - you have more potential value alive than dead."

Megan looks up at the Wookiee and Mandalorian "Anishor, Thaych? I'm not worth a ransom. No one, well except Alifisno, would care if I didn't come back. Gah...I'll follow your lead in this, as you two must be the ones of value."

"Yeah... I'm not leaving any of my gear afloat in space so you pirates can steal, destroy, or repurpose it." Thaych said snorting. "Furthermore, how do we know you won't just kill us after you've got us disarmored? So no thanks. I'll take my chances." He looked to Anishor and shrugged. "I don't speak for the other two though." Thaych moved to the other side of the hold to the opposite airlock, sealing his armor for vacuum with a press from his wrist mounted datapad.

"A moment please, you have my word I will not attack you unless you try to harm us, I need to go get the droid." The large wookiee says to the speaker as he sheaths his blades and sets the bandoleer in the pod. He motions for Megan to enter the pod. He collects his intimidator and bowcaster and sets them in a locker, sealing them. As he walks toward the cockpit to go get Custos he whispers very quietly to Sepe's hiding spot, "It was a trick and the Mandalorian may get us all killed, I suggest you either find another escape pod to hid in, or join us in the boarder's pod."

Megan tries to swallow, but the lump in her throat is preventing the action. Her mouth is dry and violet eyes wide with the returning terror. Squaring her shoulders, the little Zeltron hybrid steps into the pod, her right hand twisting the plastic ring on her left hand 'round and 'round.

Anishor walks down the hallway with the droid strapped on his back, preventing him from pulling out his ryyk blades, he demonstrates this to the camera "I keep my word." he says to the camera.

Then the large berserker turns to the Mandalorian, "if your weapons or parts of your armor are lost, I will make you whole. Do not endanger others for your bravado. It is not honorable. If it is your intent, I suggest you use one of the escape pods and leave."

Thaych shook his head and turned around. "It's not a greed thing. This armor is old. It's an heirloom. It's the culmination of all of my ancestors work and customization. It's been reforged to fit every leader of my clan for generations. So, I'm to throw that away to some pirate scum? They can come and take it." He fixed his visor on Anishor. "Weapons are one thing, those are replaceable. But they're demanding something I cannot give away."
"I understand. Can you lock your armor down and give your word not to use it under the same terms I have put forth?"

"I... can slave my armor's functions to a datapad and leave that here or give it them."

Sepe hears Anishor's words and thinks them over. She examines the picture in her head of the surrounding area and the /thing/ attached to the ship. She decides to wait in her space, reasoning that she should be able to make it to a pod if she needs to once everything has been decided. She also kicks herself for suggesting the Mandalorian go.

Megan listens to the exchange between Anishor and Thaych. She didn't know the right answer. Part of her just wanted to get this over with, see what would happen next. The anticipation was overwhelming, even incapacitating to a certain point. Grabbing a couple pieces of chocolate, she popped them into her mouth.

Thaych did as he suggested, his armor audibly powering down. He'd detach the datapad the stepping over to the other airlock where the speaker was. "Good enough for you, pirate?"

The voice sounds vaguely bemused. "I suppose, Mandalorian. Leave it behind and board the pod."

Anishor settles into the pod with Custos on his back he decides to sit on the floor and relax, meditating for whatever comes next.

For good measure, Thaych detaches the manually activated vibroblades on his gauntlets and tosses them into a locker with the datapad. After he'd enter the pod and sit down, sighing.
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:44 pm

"Well, they have us dead to rights." Thaych said shrugging.

Megan stares at the Mandalorian, “Dead....?” She left the word hanging in the air.

"An expression." Thaych said nodding his visor to Megan. "Try to relax."

The pod's hatch and the freighter's airlock both begin to hiss shut.

Megan gulps, her face going pale "We insisted on meeting with Custos' master. That was the right thing to do. I hope."

Sepe continues to hold her place, listening as the hatch closes. She stifles a momentary panic.

Megan looked at the pair of warriors. She trusted them both. “Are you ready for this? I think we need to be thinking this is either an extreme precaution by Custos' master, or one of his enemies"

The pod and airlock both close with a thump. A vibration reverberates through the pod as it detaches from Custos's freighter, followed by silence for several seconds, before a flurry of small impacts rattle the outside of the pod. A moment later, the pod jerks into motion.

Megan wondered what the small things hitting the pod were. Her knuckles white and she focused her eyes on the invisible face of the Mando and the peaceful countenance of the huge Wookiee.

Thaych replied to Megan, "I expect enemies. We were supposedly okay in this mystery person's book, right? Threatening to blow us up does not really make us amenable to future collaboration. Highly likely this isn't the person we came out here to meet. Equally troubling is your benefactors inability to properly scout their own route..."

Megan is strapped in and chewing on her lower lip, thinking about Thaych's words* "Yeah, I really have to agree with you."

The large Wookiee spoke softly, "It was to make sure we followed the rules of the meet. I don't think those pirates were enemies of Custos master."

Megan fidgets, her face flushing a deeper pink, displaying irritation which bordered on anger "I really hope that isn't the case, Anishor. We followed all the rules. Custos said his master was allowing me two escorts who would be properly armed for my protection. He would be breaking that agreement and if he is, I'm going to be pissed."

"Which Is why I believe this'll end poorly. Happy to be wrong though." Thaych said taking his helmet off for now. "I get why Anishor is considered 'valuable.' as the nice man on the loudspeaker said. But why me and Megan? I'm a mercenary, I don't really make waves. Megan owns a station but it is so out of the way I'm not so sure it has any value outside is very small niche."

"Yeah, unless they are still pissed about the Untold Bounty. Serpo said it wasn't as valuable an asset any longer, though. If these are enemies of Custos' master, as Serpo was... maybe that's what this is all about. The enemy of my friend is my... something, something, something…”

The diminutive hybrid started to tap her booted foot impatiently, her eyes narrowed in analytical thought, attempting to prepare mentally for whatever was on the other side of the hatch when they docked or landed.

Sepe waits for a period of time before she slips from her hiding place. She creeps to the cockpit, unwilling to take the chance that whoever their kidnappers are may have a way of observing the ship. She does chance sneaking another piece of Megan's magnificent pie. She observes that the ship's emergency power is functioning and then peeks out a viewport attempting to see the ship that is towing her associates or anything else that might help her gain information.

Sepe is able to see out her viewport the mottled blur of hyperspace - the freighter is clearly being towed. Given the nature of hyperspace, she is unable to see whether the pod is also in tow. Sepe sighs and heads to a berth. She figures she has time to kill and it would be nice to sleep on something other than the cold hard floor.

"I think we should not waste our energy on things we cannot know or control at this point." Anishor responds before continuing. "Trust in each other and the Great Tree."

"I trust you two. I don't know about trees though. This is making me a little crazy. I miss the station and being able to run around it. I miss Alifisno. I miss the craziness of the differing factions. I even miss Rando... "

Thaych leaned in a little. "Breathe deep and steady yourself. Focus on what you can do now. Any situation or engagement can be won with this." He touched his breastplate over by his heart with a thumb. "Tempered with this." He tapped the side of his head, indicating the brain. "Do not focus on the what ifs, or maybes. Focus your attention on what you can actually effect."

Drawing from the calm and surety of both males, the little pink hybrid started to relax. Her thoughts turning to things she knew she had control over. Her breathing started to slow, hands which had been in tight little fists unfurled. Lavender eyes opened to nod at each one of them in turn "Thank you both for agreeing to join me."

"It was the right thing to do little one." Anishor responds from his meditation. "It is the will of the Great Tree."

Megan relaxes further, the large Wookiee had said something that was exactly what she needed to hear. Her father used to call her "little one."
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:49 pm

A shudder runs through both the pod and the ship. If Sepe looks out a viewport, she would be able to see they have dropped out of hyperspace. A dozen dings run through the pod, followed by a booming sound as tow lines are released and the pod is taken into a magnetic grapple. The comm relay flashes to life. "We're descending to our base of operations. Your nice little pod here is going to be moved into a containment cell before we pop the hatch to have a face-to-face. You'll leave the remains of the droid in the pod."

Snapping her eyes open, Megan forces herself to breathe slowly. She intended to follow the lead of her two protectors.

Thaych looked up and scowled, sliding his helmet back on. "I'm beginning to think these people aren't pirates," he mused aloud, still in a relaxed posture after the announcement.

Megan bit her lip hard, looking at Custos' deactivated body. She really didn't want to leave him behind. Even though his programming infuriated her.
Anishor unplugs Custos from his belt and lays the Droid down, a small beep before he completes the action. "Not normal pirates at least."

Watching Anishor set the droid down, Megan looked around the escape pod for the listening and camera devices.

With a resounding thump that jars the passengers, the pod drops to a sudden stop on a hard surface.

Squealing in surprise, Megan hit her head. "Kriff... "

Anishor gives a roar of protest "I think they just dropped us. Let's see what happens next." The large berserker waits patiently for the pod to open.
The pod's hatch hisses open, letting freezing-cold air in.

Megan blinks hard against the air, her tiny body shivering against the cold, her armor providing no protection from the cold.

Thaych grunts, moving to exit the pod. He wasn't happy and it showed in his demeanor. He stepped into the outside room, body tense and ready for a surprise attack.

The chamber Thaych finds himself in is solid ice on three walls, with the fourth being an energy barrier, although the "roof" appears to be a pair of small hangar doors currently open to allow the pod entrance. A ship hovers overhead, having clearly just released the pod.

Hanging back in the pod, Megan waits to hear back from Thaych and Anishor. She was blinking against the cold, her hands slapping against her arms
Anishor is unaffected by the cold, he quickly studies the room, turning back to the pod speaking into it's comm unit "Drop some cold weather clothes or blankets for the Zeltron, please."

Thaych walked up to the shield, tilting his head a little to ascertain its type. He'd look up looking for exposed emitters and other weaknesses. "Just us in here. Megan can come out."

Huddling in the pod, her breath condensing in the freezing cold air. "If I'm going to die from the cold, I can just stay right here."

The comm chirps. "Zeltron needs to be out of the pod."

In tears now, which started to freeze on her cheeks, she stepped out of the pod, dropping to balance on the balls of her feet, wrapping her arms tightly about her knees.

A magnetic line drops from the hovering freighter and locks onto the pod, beginning to retract it out of the holding area. Simultaneously, someone from above shoves a box out of the freighter, which bounces off the ascending pod and shatters when it hits the icy ground, revealing a variety of mismatched cold weather clothing.

Thaych watched the aggressive way they dropped the supplies in. He sighed. "Some hosts." He stepped back to the team, glad his armor was insulated for extreme weather conditions. It'd last for now but without the environment adaptation suite his armor has installed he'll freeze eventually.

"Spooky secret base made of ice. Can these guys get anymore stereotypical?" He'd joke, trying to add a bit of levity.

"Well, it could be run by a thousand year old Ansatti adept of the darkside who wants to corrupt young females. Just like in the Holo Novelas" Anishor jokes as he relaxes and extends his senses beyond the cell searching with the force.

Shivering, the petite woman, slowly makes her way to the clothing. She found the smallest items she could, putting them on slowly, layers over layers. As much as she was able. When she was done, you could barely make out her shape as she looked like a barely moving mound of clothing. A shawl of some type wrapped about her face, only her violet eyes peeking out.

"Wonder how long they'll keep us waiting." Thaych said rolling his shoulders.

When the pod clears the top of the chamber, the twin doors slam shut. A moment later, an internal heater kicks in.

Thaych notes that the energy field in question is a standard force field used in prisoner encampments. The emitters are recessed in the ice.

Anishor walks up to the energy field and offers a small growl of thanks through it, again extending his senses beyond their room to see what he can sense. The Wookiee can sense a number of hostile life-forms nearby. Not necessarily hostile to the Jato representatives in particular, but definitely hostile in general.

Starting to warm up, the little hybrid pulls down the shawl from her face "See anything? Hear anyone?" Looking up at the ceiling she shouts, "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US?!"

"Megan." Thaych said sharply, holding a hand out. "Calm yourself. I know it's stressful, but its what they want. So we slip up."

The Zeltron turns away, pacing the cell, working on warming up "Fine..."

"These are hard people. Be mindful, little one, you are not letting their emotions control yours." Anishor says as he takes a meditative stance yet again.

Megan stares at the Wookiee, letting out an expletive “Sithspit..." she renews her pacing, trying to expend her energy and continue to warm up.

Thaych chuckled at that and moved closer to the center of the room, setting down on his knees. He'd place his hands palm up resting on his legs and grow silent, regulating his breathing.

The little pink female made a face at both males who were able to handle their emotions. She stuck her little pink tongue out at them both, while they settled into their calming positions. She continued to pace around their cell, trying to pretend this was Jato and she was running around it.

Abruptly, a door on the other side of the force field slides open to admit someone: standing shorter than even Megan, the sentient’s legs and arms appear to be reversed, with the creature walking on the limbs attached to its shoulders and its "hands" extending from the limbs on its hips. The Dug offers a growling, hissing smile before speaking in Huttese. "I hope you can forgive us for our...precautions."

Blinking, violet eyes open wide, then darting from Anishor to Thaych. The little hybrid blinks again, her brain trying to process what has just been said. Was this Custos' master? Was this Custos' master's enemy?

Thaych got up and stared at the Dug. He approached the shield slowly. "Yeah... Let's cut the crap. Who are you and why did you accost us?"

The Dug doesn't flinch. "It would seem rather obvious, wouldn't it? The droid."

Shaking her head slightly to help clear her thoughts, she waddled over to stand next to Thaych in her bundle of clothes, "So you are kidnapping us to get to Custos? Let us go, now that you have him..." Her voice squeaked as it trailed off, thinking about Sepe being on the freighter.

The Dug snorts, an impressive sound out of the short-statured sentient. "Waste not, want not, little Zeltron."

Megan wrinkles her nose, eyes narrowing, "Look who is calling who little...."
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Re: Going to Meet the Master

Post by Sandarie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:51 pm

"Had you tried asking?" Anishor looks at the Dug, voice slightly amused. The large berserker standing near the back of the cell.

"At any rate, the droid is now in our possession. As for you three...we see value. The Wookiee has many enemies. Mandalorians do, as well - even some of their own kind." The Dug rubs his hands together. "We have already sent couriers and transmissions to parties we believe would be interested for initial bids. As for the Zeltron girl, we believe Serpo will pay well for her. He's rather pathological in his hatred."

Thaych barked a laugh, holding a hand up in 'stop' for a second as he gathered himself. "Serpo? Isn't he that knob we killed on Utapau?" Thaych would ask over his shoulder toward Megan. "I'll make it easy. Clan Kyrdaan, real nasty deathwatch types. They hate my clan in particular."

Trying to fold her arms over what was normally her narrow chest, but having way too many clothing items on she gave up the attempt, just holding out her arms to the side "Yeah, Serpo was killed by some of the overzealous Jato mercs on Utapau."

The Dug, for the first time, appears uncertain as he ponders over the information, then shrugs. "Perhaps the droid's master will pay, then. It makes little difference to us."

"Just... who is this master anyway? And... I do have some friends who won't be happy when they find out what you've done."

The Dug snorts. "Someone unhappy with us? Imagine that. And the droid's master? You don't know, after all this time? Interesting, given how much interest he has in you. If Serpo really is dead, I'm sure he will pay well. I doubt you'll bring much on the open market, after all. You're not what most want in a Zeltron."

Not knowing whether to be relieved or insulted by the last comment, Megan considered projecting a wave of irritation at the Dug. Instead she just made a face at him.

The Dug snorts again. "We'll keep you up to date on the high bidders." The Dug turns to leave.

The large berserker looks around the cell once again and takes in a deep breath before settling into a meditative state and asking calmly to the Dug "Before you go, what's your organization's name? Who's your boss?"

The Dug ignores the Wookiee's question as he exits.

Just... tell me who Custos' master is. I mean that won't eat into your asking price. And.. and... I can make you a cake!

Thaych stayed quiet and turned away from the dug, looking closer at the cell itself, trying to spot camera's or other surveillance equipment.

Throwing up her hands in frustration, she paced their cell. Stopping suddenly, she turned to each of them, her guilt projecting openly. "Thaych, Anishor. I'm sorry. It seems I'll likely make it out of here, as I don't see Custos' master... whoever the sithspawn is, doing much but returning me. The two of you however, I've put you into personal danger. He's contacting your enemies." Flopping down, the little pink female tried to put her head into her hands.

The large Wookiee simply smiles and winks at Zeltron hybrid. "I've been in worse situations before. I trust in the Great Tree."

Thaych shrugged still scanning around the cell for for any surveillance equipment. "I'm not too concerned. I don't really have any rivals or factions who hate me. They'd have to get pretty creative." He said shrugging.

"Do me a favor and look around for cameras and such. Lets see how smart these guys really are."

The still bundled Zeltron hybrid trundled around looking for the surveillance. She was warming up slightly, but it felt a little bit like added armor.

Sepe rolled to her feet as the vibrations of the ship changed. She risked a quick glance out of a window to note that they had dropped out of hyperspace. She knew her time was short. She headed to the front of the ship, taking care to keep low to the ground. Once she was reasonably sure she hadn't been noticed, she examined the comm unit of the ship. It seemed to be in working order; all the lights glowed a cheery green. She risked a second glance out the port window but could not identify the planet they were on. She bit her lip, worrying it between her teeth. Then she activated the comm unit, typed in the coordinates for Port Jato, and sent a distress beacon. She left the beacon on, hoping that the pirates would notice and send someone to investigate. Maybe she could get some more information or a disguise she could use to help the others.
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