[HOLONET NEWS] Sun Guard Mercenaries Save Freighter Workers

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[HOLONET NEWS] Sun Guard Mercenaries Save Freighter Workers

Post by Airen » Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:56 pm

A Duros man can be seen as the Holonet new report opens up, his large crimson eyes and bulbous blue head take front-stage. Adorned in a white suit coat and a purple dress shirt, it is clear he is a man of status within his sphere of influence. That sphere being one of truths and lies, and he the messenger for the people of the Galaxy. In a calm, neutral voice he begins speaking, “Welcome to the Inner-Rim News Network, part of HoloNet News, the best in bringing you, the people of the galaxy the truth and the news of the galaxy,” A smile creases his lips as the camera pans to the side as a small black window appears before showing the logo of a shipping company, aurebesh side-news begins to scroll across the bottom with other small bits of news and happenings, “In today’s front headline, Miss Liraen of the Outer Rim Shipping and Beyond company, a prominent shipping company in recent years, shares with us news that a band of heroic mercenaries with a long history has saved her trusted employees, even go far as to show us footage of the event. We’ve taken the liberty of removing the gory details for your eyes, but needless to say, the footage speaks of itself of the heroism this band named the Sun Guard has done.”

The black screen begins to play footage of some members of the Sun Guard, clad in black armour similar to that to of the Imperial Royal Guard, rescuing various men, who appear to be beaten and slightly bloodied. They give them aid, help them stand and escort them out, small firefighting erupts though no deaths are seen on screen, the people they are fighting are seen in typical pirate attire. One of the mercenaries, clad in the same black as the others, seen in his hand a lightsaber and the other extends out, slamming the pirates into the wall and rendering them unconscious. The footage then cuts to the group freeing two slaves, though this footage is oddly short though it can be seen that one of the men, a Twi’lek has a joyous look upon his face as his collar is removed and thanking the Sun Guard. With an end, the screen returns to black, and the Duros man looking into the camera, “As you can tell, one these men appears to be a Jedi of all things, like the heroes of the Clone Wars and of the Rebellion of recent years. We here would like to extend our best of wishes to Miss Liraen and her workers and our gratitude to the Sun Guard for saving these men and our invitation for this lightsaber wielding Jedi to come and talk with us here,” The Duros smiles and nods, “Next in the news is a war update with the Empire…” The man begins to trail off from their, speakings of the war effort upon his tongue and later devolving into small bits and pieces of other news before the broadcast ends, the thought of such a brazen reveal of force-user is still fresh on the cast behind the screens mind.

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