Final farewells of a Brother.

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Final farewells of a Brother.

Post by alifisno » Fri Nov 29, 2019 2:32 am

Alifisno sat in the security office, clad in his armor blaster resting on the counter before him.His face drained of color due to lack of sleep. Beside his blaster is a Holocomm with a chip plugged into it he taps a button on the device and it begins playing a message.

An image of Jaxon Appears and begins to speak.

“Alifisno. Megan.” The Hologram nods. “If you are receiving this message, then that means the worse most likely happened, and perhaps you know or not.”
“Most likely means I failed. Shame. Always thought I would be one step ahead of them. Perhaps years of screwing them from inside caught up to me.” Jaxon Chuckles a little, and then turns somber. “I’m sorry. Sorry this happened.”

“But I tried to leave something behind. In this case, a droid, and a ship to carry you two. So should something happen. You can try to be safe. Can’t promise it will work, but it is better than nothing. And if you never use it. Well it will be one hell of a wedding gift.”

“I had truly hoped this would be over one day. So many years of running or hiding. Finally, over I guess. But I have to thank you. Both of you. You are family to me.” Jaxon seems to be tearing up. Voice choking up.“Alifisno. You are a brother to me. You helped me more times than you know. I am glad to have met you all those years ago. You and all of our family helped change me. Gave me a purpose outside of Running.”

“When I met you. I realized something. I had still believed in running. Still had plans to break free and escape. You were nothing more than the enemy too me. Reinforced by what happened that day, but I realized something. The enemy who I hated, were no different than me.”

“Seeing your remorse at what happened, how it tore you up. I realized that the enemy wasn’t just faceless, but instead a feeling person. Something I had forgotten. In many ways you saved me that day, and I am glad. Because you by far was the best friend I had. The person I always knew I could trust, to always be there when it was hard, and was willing to stand with me during my toughest times.”

“And Megan.” He smiles. “Megan you are the bright spot in the galaxy. My only regret is not having known you longer. You are a reminder that in these dark times there is good in this galaxy. That such a kind and caring person can not only survive but flourish always brought joy to me. Gave me hope. That no matter what happens. In the end. It’s going to be alright.”

“You also were a good influence on Alhai too.” He chuckles again. Still having trouble speaking. “You two are some of her most trusted friends, even if her emotionless state never seemed to convey it, and you two are the ones who I knew I could turn too no matter what.”

“Which is why, at this protocol activation, Alhai and myself have not only disappeared, but didn’t ask for help. If what happened is true, then the Empire no doubt is close to getting us. I could not put you two in danger. Not against this danger.”

“I have done my fair share of sins to earn their wraith. I don’t regret it. I did what I believed was right. My only regret is leaving you two, but I take deep comfort in the fact that at least in the end. You are safe. I made sure of that.”

“I wish I could have left you more than this droid and message. I’m sorry about that, but no doubt the Empire is already putting what assets of mine of use. Just know this.”

“There is no Death, There is the Force. Even if we are gone. We will always be with you. For we have become one with the Force. I know it doesn’t make too much sense. Just remember.”

“All life is connected in the Force, Guiding it, comforting it, and Watching over it. I use to think the Jedi of the past, the ones who passed away were there, watching from the energy that binds us.”

“And know… We will be watching and will be with you. If you ever feel an odd sense of calm or peace. Perhaps it is me.”

“Remain Strong. Keep going, and know… That I… No… We both love you.”

The Hologram disappears.

Alifisno sits their watching a tear in his eye as his the last image of a man who had profound influence in his life faded away. He barely croaks out in a Imperial accent “Goodbye old friend, may we meet again one day” as he looks down thinking of the good and bad times they shared a tear rolling down his face.

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