ISB Profile of J'orir Bralov

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ISB Profile of J'orir Bralov

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(Information that could be acquired with the fall of the Empire, not too dissimilar from the influx of KGB intelligence documents out into the open after the collapse of the Soviet Union.)

Imperial Security Bureau:

From the Mandalorian Intelligence Desk:

Clearance: Gold-Dorn-Thresh-7-3-9

Name:J’orir Bralov (Jah-reer Bray-Lahv)

Aliases:“War Spirit” (Akaan Manda) is a nickname given to him by fellow Mandalorians and clients. He has used numerous aliases in place of his real name over the years, but none have been consistent. Analysis suggests this was used in an operational capacity. It suggests that he has adapted to use tradecraft typical in intelligence operations.

Race: Human

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 230 lbs

Build: Muscular and athletic

Homeworld: Nonexistent. More than likely born on a starship. It is not unusual for the generally nomadic Mandalorians to be born on the move. He has been noted to have spent time on Mandalore, Tattooine, Nar Shadaa, the Onderonian moon, Dxun, starships, both Mandalorian and captured starships, and a dozen other worlds as part of his childhood. For the purposes of this report, the use of “childhood” is using the standard understanding of childhood from the age of 1 to 18 years. However, Mandalorian adulthood starts at 13.

Criminal Record: None from the Imperial Records Department. However, he was brought in as a child by law enforcement bodies. A suspect in crimes regarding theft and breaking and entering of warehouses and starships. Given his current nature and what we know of his upbringing, this was most likely part of his training rather than a propensity towards criminal activities. Part of his training involved not being fed quite enough to be full. Requiring him to scavenge and steal food and other equipment for survival.

Republic Criminal Record: Similarly sparse with notes of him participating as a mercenary in various conflicts across the galaxy. However, he is suspected in the raid and slaughter of various Imperial and private ships, assassination of key military, political, and economic personnel. The abduction, torture, and execution of key targets to retrieve vital intelligence and disrupt various operations at the request of the client. His participation in acts of violence against the Empire has been tentatively documented by surveillance footage; however, positive identification has proved difficult due to armor.

Age: Believed to be 31.

Distinguishing Features: Fluctuates between Red and gold and black and gold Mandalorian Armor(Beskar’gam) T-visor “bucket” helmet. Typically sports two heavy blasters and a vibro-blade for CQB. Facial features indicate that he is often tan, with bald, shaved, or short hair. His face has been noted to occasionally have war paint and an old three claw mark scar down the left side of his face. An indelible mark from a harsh “Verd’goten” or trial into adulthood. To pass the trial in clan Bralov, among other things, it requires the slaying of a great beast, as well as designated intelligent humanoid target, often a bounty, if not in an active state of war. The notion of "there is no hunting, like the hunting of man" rings strong in the clan.They believe that a beast knows not why it is hunted, but a sentient being has the intelligence, knowledge, and lethality to generally be a true challenge. As such, most members of Clan Bralov are hardened killers by the age of 13.

Surveillance photos have been acquired and attached at the end of the file.

(We’re going to use imagination for the pics at the moment, since I just started and have no such pictures)


1. An overall picture we were able to acquire.
2. A picture of him discussing a battle plan with his fellow Mandalorians.

Known Associations: Clan Bralov, Various other Mandalorian clans, the Imperial Military, Imperial Intelligence, Criminal and Mercenary organizations, Corporate interests, etc. Essentially anyone with the credits to hire his services, or causes that he feels personally about. However, he seems to reluctantly work for Imperial interests.

Allegiances: Clan Bralov, Manda’lor, (sole ruler of the Mandalorians) and leans towards the Republic (However, it is most likely that he would turn on the Republic if Clan Bralov or the Manda’lor asked him to.)

Reconstructed Biography and Clan Culture from sources across the galaxy:

Born to the Alor (leader) his father, Balac, and the second in command, his mother, Ca’tra. J’orir had high expectations of him. His parents were loving, and deeply cared for their child, but were quite demanding. Afterall, he was expected to spend his life at war and war asks much of a Mandalorian. They were tough in a clan that required a lot of their members, given their specialization.

To understand J’orir, one must understand Clan Bralov. They are unique among the Mandalorians in so much that they specialized as assassins and lone wanderers. They believe that death in battle is honorable and ideal, but that one should never give their lives, or the lives of other Mandalorians easily or in fruitless displays in the name of honor.

Clan Bralov, as assassins and special operators, have been known to operate begrudgingly without their armor if they believe the mission has a better chance of success and minimized loss of Mandalorian life if they were to disguise themselves. Although, they offer their services as mercenaries, and will happily fight alongside rank and file warriors in an open engagement, they shine most when they operate in the capacity there were specially trained: Alone or in small teams, typically of no more than six. Although, they most often operate alone or in pairs. This is both a testament to their skills, and also the belief that small numbers spread out ensure the whole clan does not die in a single battle.

The Bralov Clan often has a strong distaste for slavery, and when slaves are found it is one of the few instances where they allow individuals to survive. They typically give the choice of freedom, or the opportunity to test and train to join the clan. The use of slavery and the policies against aliens have often been a point of contention between the clan and the Empire.

In addition to using freed slaves, aliens, and combatants that have shown promise in battle, they organize “breeding schedules.” No one is forced to participate, but given the Mandalorian propensity for family and the obvious need to supplement ranks, most tend go along with the schedules. At any given time, a prescribed number of Clan Bralov is designated to propagate. It is often a time of celebration, and feasts and drinks are organized to move it along. In this way the nine months of child birth are seamless and don’t detract from the operational capacity of the clan. The clan sees its women as particularly strong and valuable. The women are seen as going through the pain of childbirth and also still having to maintain their military training as much as possible making them particularly endearing to a clan that adores strength.

On this note, it is not unusual for men and women to have children with several different fathers or mothers. As a clan, they are a family and the clan raises the children together. Although it is possible to have single lifetime partner, it is not typical. Normally, they will pair up and “prefer” one another, but have relations with several people in the clan. This is accepted, and normally goes without incident.

This is not to say that issues do not arise. Clan members often have relations with individuals outside the clan that are not Mandalorian. As such, if the outsider is a woman and has a child by a male Mandalorian member and does not want the child being raised as a Mandalorian, it is not unusual for the child to be “abducted” by the father and returned to the clan. On the other hand, if the Mother is Mandalorian and becomes pregnant by an outsider it is normal for her to return to the clan to give birth, where the child will summarily be accepted into the clan and raised as a Mandalorian.

Typically, so long as an agreement can be made, the outsider parent, whether mother or father will be allowed to see the child. If an agreement is not made or the Mandalorian elders or parent believes that it will cause an issue, the child goes to the Mandalorian clan and the other parent typically has no recourse. Besides being heavily armed, highly trained, and secretive, they are very nomadic and hard to find.

It is with this understanding, that one might understand why J’orir has been known to have several relationships. Although, he has been known to settle with one partner from time to time.

Because Clan Bralov emphasizes small unit and solo operations, it is typical for members to leave home and become parts of other clans with designated rotations between the Mother Bralov Clan and the adopted Clan. However, if the clan a Bralov has adopted decides to oppose the Bralov Clan, the clan members’ duty is to the Bralov Clan first and foremost. Even without an adopted clan, many members not currently designated with providing training, child-rearing, or defense of the current clan location, travel the galaxy as assassins and mercenaries for hire.

It is unclear whether J’orir’s parents are still alive. Clan Bralov is often very guarded about information regarding specific clan members. It is likely they are, as there have been no new reports about new Clan leadership.

Personality: It is hard to place. Often serious and stern, he is also capable of great humor, sarcasm, and charisma. More than likely a result of the clashes between the extreme violence of his life, a life hardened by war, harsh training, and murder. But also tempered by the fact that he is supposed to be able to act like a completely different person at times to don disguises and glean information and intelligence.

Much of J’orir’s past is unknown. This is not atypical for a member of Clan Bralov as they often operate alone and more often than not, do not leave witnesses.

Equipment: From what has been gathered, it varies. However, these are general mainstays.

-His helmet is equipped with thermal, night vision, and FLIR to see targets in all environments.
-His bracers both have retractable two-pronged vibroblades for hand to hand combat, and also has a firing port for rail shots and explosives.
-Believed to have a sub-vocalizer communicator attached to his vocal chords allowing him to communicate without overtly speaking.
-He is also equipped with a jet pack that allows him to assail targets from above and fly out of danger if necessary.
-He typically carries a suppressed heavy-duty blaster and a suppressed carbine or rifle designed to pierce armor of both droids and armored targets.
-Is armed with both fragmentary and EMP grenades.
-Also carries a two-foot long curved (Think Kukri machete) vibroblade for close quarters.
-Slicing kit for breaching locked doors.
-Breaching charge for locked doors.
-two flashbang grenades
-stasis cuffs
-Also keeps a standard combat vibroknife on the side of his right boot as a last line in self-defense or to dispatch targets quietly.

Relations with Other Clans: A proud and fierce Mandalorian, he gets along with other Mandalorians and enjoys being around fellow Mandalorians. He also actively recruits others into the Mandalorian lifestyle even if they won’t necessarily go to his clan, believing the Mandalorian way of life must be preserved. J'orir is said to dream of bringing the Mandalorians back to prominence, to rebuild their numbers that existed during the time of the Mandalorian Wars.

Given the unorthodox nature of Clan Bralov, some more traditional Mandalorian clans are distrustful or view them with disdain for their propensity to prefer stealth, deception, and disguise over straight-forward fights. However, many accept them as valuable additions to their own clan, for being tireless workers and fierce warriors. Although many clans are blunt instruments in war, they recognize the value and necessity of a more precise instrument that Clan Bralov clansmen often bring to the table. Their propensity towards supporting Mandalorian culture and their interests in preserving Mandalorian lives when possible also puts them in the good graces of most Mandalorian clans.

Although, oftentimes neutral. J'orir exhibits an extreme distaste for the Empire, given our rather heavy handed occupation of the Mandalorian homeworld of Mandalore. It is to be expected that he will eventually seek to strike back at the Empire.

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