EiF Patch Notes – 5/22/21

Upcoming and current changes to the Starsider server
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EiF Patch Notes – 5/22/21

Post by liesmyth » Sun May 23, 2021 1:18 pm

The following is an excerpt of a blog article.  Read Full Article

EiF Patch notes Changes Emperor's Retreat elevator terminal fix. Added quest failure state to Mystic 03 mission. Fixed Yavin World Boss spawn timer. (Demi) Removed console messages for April Fools event. Nerfed Force choke. (Demi) Fixed Jedi ability description strings. (Wefi) Reduced range on Force knockdown; increased accuracy. (Demi) Increased accuracy of ForceLightningSingle1. (Demi) Increased accuracy of ForceLightningCone1. (Demi) Adjusted Force regeneration. (Anishor) Fixed issue with daily Force training list not resetting properly. Fixed Hero of Tatooine ring appearance. (Abi) Added Inquisitor helmet. (Abi) Fixed issue with krayt pearls and power crystals, causing them to generate extra stats when tuned. New method added for clearing DoTs from mobs in screenplay – should fix issues with Offense ...

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