My life begins

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My life begins

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I got on and thought all was well. I was a bit iffy if I wanted to wake from this slumber. It feels like it has been years. Yet, I guess it has been. Time to venture on!

I found a familiar feeling of nosology moving into the world. I realized I knew this place pretty well. I thought of the differences between light and dark yet chose to become a smuggler. I mean who has time for all these "emotional" or "emotionless" issues. I sure don't! Theirs credits to be made and my plan is to follow that logic!

I quickly realized as I moved around this smuggler town. I have no idea where the hell I'm supposed to go. So I did the only thing I could do. I ran outside and hit things in the head with my sick. I assumed if I could collect bones I could slowly save a single credit at a time. Turns out when you smash things with a pole the smashed bones don't have value. So I guess I must continue to fight and become stronger.

I've been running around for a few hours now. I'm completely lost. I found a terminal that let me kill stuff for money. Thank god! Now I just need to find a way into that dam smugglers guild.

Editor note: I will continue to explain my adventures here. <(-'_'-)> Wish me luck!
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