[New Republic Holonet News] Jedi Endanger Hanna City

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[New Republic Holonet News] Jedi Endanger Hanna City

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*A hologram of a well dressed news anchor appears on the holonet screen*

Some days ago on Chandrilla, reports of strange "Jedi activity" were reported in Hanna City.

Rumours have spread of what some are calling "spirit summoning", and others "dangerous Force experiments".

It was noted that events took place not long after a prisoner was taken under heavily armed escort to the local New Republic military base, of which some are claiming was "excessive force" of a willingly surrendering civilian.

Reports are fairly mixed, but some are claiming the New Republic military may be "covering up Jedi crimes" which may be an endangerment to the lives of many innocents of Hanna City, and perhaps, the galaxy at large. This report has again sparked a small group of protestors outside the Senate building, claiming of New Republic corruption.

The Chancellor has assured that there is no validity to these claims, and that Republic investigation team will be addressing these rumours.

That is all for this report.

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