[New Republic Holonet News] New Republic soldiers witnessed harassing Trandoshans in Hanna City

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[New Republic Holonet News] New Republic soldiers witnessed harassing Trandoshans in Hanna City

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*A hologram of a well dressed news anchor appears on the holonet screen*

"Today in the news, a disturbing collection of videos have been released, of what appear to be a series of unjustified harassment toward Trandoshan civilians and visitors to the city of Hanna on Chandrilla.

It is known that the recent group of Imperial invaders were lead by a Trandoshan, resulting in mass racial profiling and ID checks across the planet. However, footage has shown that many Trandoshans have been receiving ill treatment and what is described as "excessive invasion of privacy" and even "Imperialist interrogation".

The following scenes may be disturbing for some viewers":

*A video plays, showing a series of short clips of what appears to be uniformed Republic soldiers getting in the personal space of various Trandoshans, instances of shoving and the pointing of weapons are seen in many of these clips. The footage would often be fuzzy, and the angles not showing the faces of the troopers nor the civilians clearly, shots are often on an angle or from the rear view*

The identity of these soldiers are unknown, and the victims have not been identified, nor have any come forward to report their harassment.

Some protestors yet again have gathered outside the senate building to express their dissatisfaction with the Republic government, some holding what people find to be extremely offensive signs, which had written "we were better under the Empire".

The New Republic ensures that its policies seek justice and equality for all species, and wishes to get to the bottom of these cases. In the meantime, it is suggested to all civilians to remain calm, and remain vigilant.

Signing off. "

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