Rumour/hint NPCs

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Rumour/hint NPCs

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Since I noticed some new bartender NPCs that can be interacted with. It sparked an idea of a little system that could perhaps help players find quests, instances, or lead them on other adventures or even to places where valuble loot is.

As of this moment, new players are in the dark as SWG never really did a good job of hinting at anything, for both good and ill at times. In this case, players would never even know there were any quests or instances in game unless someone else tells them. Such NPCs are often hidden away in places people never think to search and leads them to thinking that there is no content to be had. And I beleive this to be a game design flaw. Afterall, not all players use discord or even the website at times. And having something "in game" to help people along I think is a good innovation

To adress this, I think NPCs could be scattered about (perhaps with unique icons over their heads, akin to quest givers, but not a necessity) to get the attention of a player. These could be starport greeters, bartenders and so on. When talking with them, an option in the drop menu could be "ask about rumours" of which certain NPCs may drop a random line (or may have a limited selection of random lines programmed into them), which lead or hint a player to go search out a certain location, building or planet for x item, character, quest or otherwise.

Example, a greeter in a certain starport, or a bartender may say to a player if a rumour is asked for "did you hear, people say that Republic hero, Luke Skyswimmer or whatever his name was.. was seen hangin' around Chandrilla!" and leave it there, which the curious player would seek out the hint and find the Luke NPC in the Senate building, thus finding the instance quest also.

And this could be expanded upon in a number of ways, a hint from a specific NPC toward the lance of the nightsisters is another example "I hear those witches in the west of Dathomir use poisoned weapons". Etc.

Addtionally, to confirm a rumour means something special and is not some piece of random dialouge, the quest journal then gains a notifcation, making a note of the hint the player recieved, with something like "someone told me about x, maybe I should go and check what that's about".
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Re: Rumour/hint NPCs

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I think this is an excellent idea.

And on that note, is there a master list for all of the current quest lines and rewards currently live on EIF Starsider?