"Battlefield" locations, POIs and NPC bases

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"Battlefield" locations, POIs and NPC bases

Post by EccentricM »

So an idea that came to mind when thinking about how to better portray and immerse us into the war between the NR and Empire, I thought perhaps on each world or at least most worlds, we could have a few locations, POIs which have constant battles, or spawned battles now and again automatically between Imperial and NR NPCs, perhaps some deco of crashed ships and walkers, etc. In a similar fashion to what we see on Tatooine with the Jawas fighting the Sandpeople.

It would also contribute to the "realism" of the setting of the GCW, to perhaps demonstrate that even when a certain side is "winning" on a certain planet in regards to PVP planet "ownership", that it does not indicate a total "plantary conquering" (which some have expressed would be unrealistic to happen every week, back and forth).

But just a very small detail perhaps that could be dotted around some planets to add to the "drama" of the GCW, and even could inspire some story telling or RP revolving around such things. :)

An addtional idea, would be NPC base busting, where these battlefields that spawn in the world have at least one base (the faction the base belongs to being random), and destruction of it would cease the NPC respawns for that battlefield (on both sides), whilst also awarding some GCW points outside of a PVP scenario to the people who blow up the base, and is yet another game feature that can bring people together should they so desire.
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Re: "Battlefield" locations, POIs and NPC bases

Post by Cavadus »

Big +1! I definitely like the idea of NPC bases for busting and it'd be awesome if you could tie in the state of these bases/battlegrounds/what-have-you to the size and disposition of same-faction NPC forces deployed at the weekly GCW battles themselves.
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