Solo & Multiplayer combined Instances

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Solo & Multiplayer combined Instances

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As instances require multiple people, it can lock some people out of getting the rare and popular loot. Not all players have the time or may just not be comfortable in having to find groups to do instances, and even then in a group, there will be rolling for items, and those who do not get the time or otherwise don't have as many friends, may not get the chance to get such items.

As such I have the suggestion that there be some instances that can be done solo, but at the same time there would be "benefits" to doing them in a group (to maintain the main purpose of instances).

Mechanically I had the idea that there would be a main path on the instance, that could be done alone, and then various other paths with locked doors that requite a full party to unlock of various classes (similar to GCW terminal busting, each class hits a button each and the door to that area opens). And these rooms would have harder enemies, bosses that give "even better" or rarer rewards.

An alternative is the same system, but several doors in an instance, all that can be done via a single person, but each door is respectively class bound. One can do their own door alone, but the more people who are together the more doors can be opened within a single session for more loot, and then addtionally one door that requires "all" classes together to open to fight the ultimate and hardest boss that requires people to work together to beat.

I feel this would make instances and content more dynamic and accessible to all sorts of players whilst retaining the "vibe" of the instances.
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