Guild Cities/Bases

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Guild Cities/Bases

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As there is a limitation to placing buildings on EIF to cities only, it closes off some possibilities for people who just want a small settlement or guild in the game.

I'd like to propose a "guild city", in which a guild hall acts as a city hal, but being free of a required population restriction. When the guild hall is placed it has bounds, like that of a city that prevents other buildings being placed in the area to a far radius, with exception to buildings placed by the guild hall/guild city owner.

The limitations proposed is that it cannot have the benefits of a typical city, such as a shuttle, cloner, medical buildings, cantinas, banks, job market, and so on. But a guild city for all its benefits of being more managable and not restricted to upkeep via citizens, only is good for housing a guild and their homes (the only placeable buildings outside of the guild hall being houses).

Most likely the question is raised; "Why not just place a city hall and houses with a guild hall?"

The reason I suggest the idea, is in that maintaining a cityhall is an addtional expense and requires at least 5 dedicated people (declaring citizenship). With this concept of a guild city it works in the same framework as a city (with the goal of preventing seas of scattered houses cluttering the landscape), but someone can start up a small settlement alone without being put off by the fact if that they do not get an immediate 5 citizens that the city will vanish, and allows for settlements as little as just even 2-3 people living together somewhere in houses, or even in a lone a guildhall.

This would be a benefit to people who just want a guild, but do not desire to have anything else or being forced to be in one of the existing player cities, whilst meshing with EIF's system of "cities and bases only".
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