Faction Points should be split among group members

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Faction Points should be split among group members

Post by ninyania »

Currently, faction gains on mission NPCs and "lairs" go solely to whomever does the most damage on each target.

in CreatureManagerImplementation.cpp:

Code: Select all

	factionManager->awardFactionStanding(player, destructedObject->getFactionString(), level);
	factionManager->awardFactionStanding(copyThreatMap.getHighestDamagePlayer(), destructedObject->getFactionString(), level);

IMO this should be changed to either evenly split faction rewards across all group members in range, the same way cash mission rewards are -- OR -- split by percent of damage done, the same way EXP is, to better promote and reward cooperative game-play. "Winner take all" is a throw-back to 2003's Everquest mindset and doesn't align with $current_year trends in gaming.

edit: I wouldn't suggest, and am not suggesting, that all group members get the FULL FP value - that would just entice people to multibox more than they already do.
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Re: Faction Points should be split among group members

Post by Hsskor »

This sounds like a great suggestion, however it may work best. Playing together in a group for faction is far more exciting than solo groups.
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