A Reminder to all Merchants

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A Reminder to all Merchants

Post by Isty »

Hello all Merchants and shoppers!

Myself and Dyna-Myte have just noticed that a few vendors are not searchable using the galaxy search function of the bazaar (these particular vendors were in Alexandria on Lok, but if theres some, there may well be others)

I know that vendors who run out of Maintenance toggle themselves off - even though they still show themselves as on in the radial otpins, they must be toggled off, and back on again to be searchable
Im not sure if sometimes other things may cause such problems, server crashes, power outages etc (im just guessing here)

So could i remind all Merchants to double check their vendors by toggling Vendor Search by first clicking "Disable Vendor Search", and then by clicking "Enable Vendor Search, do this evne if you think yours are working fine, and if possible, recheck them every few weeks/months, it only takes seconds and it can only help you sell stuff.
You may also have to close and reopen the radial a couple of times betwen this, as the radial doesnt always update instantly, (it can take a few seconds and requires the radial be closed and reopened to showthe correct option)

Its a buggy game that we have to work around/with, but vendor search is the lifeblood of EiF, especially because we dont use the main bazaar here and always point new players to the vendor search option

When you have double checked your vendors, make sure to tell a friend too, so every vendor in the galaxy actually gets re-added to the search feature

For anyone not familiar with the search feature, i will relink the little guide i threw together a few months back

Happy shopping and selling everybody!

Moderators/Admins - Apologies if this may not be the right place for this, but i felt it may get more attention here than in the Merchant subforum, feel free to move/delete this post if it is indeed wrong.
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Re: A Reminder to all Merchants

Post by Smallcorners »

Thank you!
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