Agathon Merchant's Center

Have something to sell? Need some resources, tools, housing? Post your wares here! Create a classified for the items you are looking for, as well!
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Agathon Merchant's Center

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Welcome to Agathon, Dantooine!

Stop by our Merchant's Center handily located behind the shuttle. We feature several shops and vending machines kept stocked just for you!

-Oovie carries a variety of items for the home and beyond in her cozy downstairs location. If you have questions, or need a special item, please contact Ivunuvi. This busy lady is our resident M. Architect and M. Artisan.

-Jazzy has a light and airy shop on the main floor to feature her many outfits and sundries. To arrange a fitting for that special occasion please contact her boss the M. Tailor Jaz.

-Z-SHNY-THNGS and STFF-N-THNGS carry a wide range of resources and goods brought in from around the galaxy.

-Lady Luck offers fresh dice and some more items of interest to smugglers while her companion often offers raw materials.

We are always looking for other merchants and vendors needing space to offer their wares. Please contact Ivunuvi about securing a booth, and possibly hiring a vendor if needed.
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