Crazy DBcooper's Organic Resources and Used Swoops!

Have something to sell? Need some resources, tools, housing? Post your wares here! Create a classified for the items you are looking for, as well!
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Crazy DBcooper's Organic Resources and Used Swoops!

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Now open!

You want it? WE GOT IT!

Over 8 MILLION units of various organics in stock. ALL Resources under 4cpu (milk excepted). Here is Just a small FRACTION of whats available!

You want grains? Checkout these babies!

Schoso (d. corn) - OQ 931, DR 921! - over 600k in stock!

Kuati (d. rice) – OQ 941, DR 740, PE 999! - over 600k in stock!

Isapi (d. wheat) – OQ 982 DR 314 FL 580! - 700k available!

Pike (wild oats) – OQ 934, DR 545, FL 883! - 174k! sow these wild oats today!

Fruits and veggies!! All organic and cruelty free!

Ilede (veg. greens) – OQ 949, PE 974! - 420k - get it while it lasts!

Reweiilki (veg. beans) – OQ 835, DR 972! - 430k in stock! (glycosate free! swell!)

Ewoa (veg. beans) OQ 953, DR 758! - 120k in stock!

Zawoze (fruits!) OQ 937, DR 616! - 190k available!

Soy? Whats that? All our MEAT is wild caught and 100% natural!

Vioske (herb. meat) - OQ 853, DR 959! - 300k in stock !

Mipotza (herb. meat) – OQ 843, DR 876! - 65k in stock!

Hides? Need Armor? You and your friends will be right at home in these babies!

Kkabe (leathery) - OQ 882 , SR 885, MA 731 – 300k available!

Deire (wooly) – OQ 930, SR 664, DR 967 – only 85k left!

Got wood? We don’t want to know! We’ve got our own wood we would gladly give to you!

Rnuke (evergreen soft) – OQ 847, MA 962! - 120k in stock!

All resources come with a FULL 5 MINUTE WARRANTY!

Visit us today and tell your friends!

Waypoint 147 -2649 Broken Bridge Corellia!
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