Eventide Merchants and Vendors

Have something to sell? Need some resources, tools, housing? Post your wares here! Create a classified for the items you are looking for, as well!
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Eventide Merchants and Vendors

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Eventide Trading Outpost on Dantooine (/way -3580 2530) is designed to be a one-stop shop for all of your starting, grinding, and credit making needs. Below is our current Merchant Master Listing, as well as the location of each within the outpost:

Synful Foods and Drinks - Chef specialties by Syn, located up in the kitchen on the second floor of the town hall structure. This vendor stocks Vasarian Brandy, Accarragm, Synthsteak, Pikkata Pie, and numerous other foods and drinks that are essential to keep you going in combat, or giving you the extra edge in crafting.
Bada the Hutt's Droidworks and Crafting - Currently still setting up a showroom, message Bada directly for all of your needs!
Tain Pharma - Set up within the town hall's medical emergency room, Jeil Tain has set up shop with server best medical supplies including buffs, stims, and more.
Demiurge's Defensive Duds - Contrary to the name, contains quality starter armor, weapon powerup, and high-end PSGs made by the illustrious Demiurge
Gunsmith and Junkshop - Behind the Gambling Hall to the north of the Town Hall, Ciffe offers custom and mass-produced weapons of war, pups, and general loot. /way -3705 2700
Rare and Instance Loot - On the first floor of the town hall, offering rare and hard to obtain instance loot
Home Furnishings - On the first floor of the town hall, offering architect and artisan decorations for your home, ship, or any other decoration projects.
Tailor and Adjustments - In the same room as Home Furnishings, featuring various clothing options to fit your style.
Trade and Consignment: In the main room of the town hall, this vendor offers various smuggler tools, vehicle deeds, schems, and junk items from world drops.
Ranger Goods: Offering animal hides, meat, bone, and other animal parts.
Loaken Industries - Shipwright, Import/Export: Set up in the Hangar behind the Administration Building, selling vehicles, airspeeders, and rare loot.

More vendors are on the way, so be sure to check us out often.
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