Myto's Arrow Cafe in Eol Sha

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Myto's Arrow Cafe in Eol Sha

Post by Nightglade4900 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:30 am

Hello all,

Nightglade here to let you know that Myto's Arrow Cafe is now open for business in Eol Sha. I'm the co-owner and caretaker of this lovely establishment. Sazu is the Master Chef and Master Droid Engineer that is always taking custom orders. I have the lovely Kierra dancing away the night for all to see. Thune Motorworks operated by Jhennar has all your vehicle needs to tear up the planets. I have the pleasure to have Iom with Axe Arms selling all his mighty weapons and custom orders right out of my cafe. Check out the threads made my our resident tailor and soon to be mayor, Gay.

So please stop by Myto's Arrow Cafe in Eol Sha located on Dantooine for all your expedition needs.

We are always open for new citizens and merchants.

Just remember at Myto's Arrow Cafe "All your pleasures can be fulfilled".

Yours truly,



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