Aranos Industries Medical Supplies, Resources & More [Broken Bridge]

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Aranos Industries Medical Supplies, Resources & More [Broken Bridge]

Post by rixen.aranos » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:22 pm

Hello Galactic Denizens!

After an extended period of non-stop preparation, searching the galaxy far and wide for only the finest resources Starsider has to offer, I am proud to have the opportunity to open my Aranos Industries Medical Supplies Division!

My new store has opened in Broken Bridge out of convenience for the majority of people on the server. It is located directly across the river from the shuttleport, to the left of City Hall (/waypoint 380 -2828). My resource/power vendor remains in Eol Sha Cantina, Dantooine for the time being. Currently, I only have Stimpack D's + Stim C's stocked with Stim B's coming within the day. I will then stock all variation of woundpacks. I have chosen to hold off on Buff Packs until they become viable, but can produce these on a custom-order basis.

My Stim B/C/D's are to my knowledge, server-best, with the following stats:

Stim B - 400 Heals / 37 Quantity / 5 Med Use
Stim C - 620 Heals / 45 Quantity / 30 Med Use
Stim D - 895 Heals / 54 Quanity / 40 Med Use

Please contact Khaz/Hosiqi/Rekkta for inquiries/custom orders.

In the spirit of keeping good things rolling out of my factories, I am always buying high quality resources I need. My buy list is updated on a weekly basis:

Thank you and I appreciate your business!

Special thanks to Destroy, Fenix, James, Pizza for helping me get up to speed in various ways!


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