Csillian Star - Resources, Homes, and Furnishings

Have something to sell? Need some resources, tools, housing? Post your wares here! Create a classified for the items you are looking for, as well!
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Csillian Star - Resources, Homes, and Furnishings

Post by Blueberry » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:04 pm

Csillian Star Corporation has three vendors located in Cioral Station, Tatooine at -5236, 1192 just outside Mos Espa.

Sabosen'ola'nae is a Master Architect, Artisan, and Surveyor. Here you will find vendors stocked with resources of varying quality from the grindable to the desireable. You will also find varying furnishings and Tatooine homes for sale.

Sabosen'ola'nae is available for resource contracts and interior decorating by request, contact him directly for any custom orders.


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