GUIDE: Requesting Art Assets for EiF (READ BEFORE POSTING)

If you have an idea for an object, armor, weapon, deco, etc. that has NEVER existed in SWG, this is the place to make a request. As with other requests, the developer and the EIF Owner will approve all creations. Making the request will not guarantee it will be created or placed into the game.
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GUIDE: Requesting Art Assets for EiF (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post by Violet »

Greetings folks, Violet here.

This thread was made for your convenience, and of course mine and Gail's convenience, as there has been a lot of confusion between the specific elements of both our roles. I will explain precisely what I do and how my job in the EiF Development Team differs.

Gail is the director of content, meaning he decides what goes into the game and how (among the consideration of all other staff members as well), but he takes the 3D assets from the original game (existing content as we call it) and gives it a home in EiF. Example: The community requested the Jedi Starfighter ship model, so Gail goes into the NGE files and turns the Starfighter into an asset compatible with EiF's version of the game.

Violet (me) is the head artist and I am in charge of creating new content which does not yet exist in the original Star Wars Galaxies, regardless if it's Pre-CU, CU, JTL, or NGE in category. Example: The community requested a weapon from the Force Awakens movie, obviously Star Wars Galaxies released and ended long before Episode VII was even produced, so how can this content exist in the game? An artist is tasked to design it.

Now that's all cleared up, we can move on to the main point of this post. As a final reminder, please do not hesitate to ask me in Discord if you have any queries regarding what is Gail and what is Violet :P, I know it's confusing to those who are not developers.


Please use the following format when requesting new art assets for EiF. ANY requests made without this format will be rejected, thank you. As an added note, EiF is strictly a PG-13 community and server, that means any highly inappropriate or sexual content is highly likely to be rejected. Less those who dare suffer Sandi's wrath.

Asset Name: (Be as specific as possible, remember to link it to the lore - Use Wookieepedia if you're not sure)
Asset Category: (Armor, Weapon, Creature, Vehicle, etc.)
Description of the Asset: (What does it do? Be as specific as possible!)
Reference: (Examples of what this asset looks like in the Star Wars or Sci-Fi/Modern world) This is not required but is extremely helpful for art direction!

Why do you feel this asset should be created for EiF?



This key will be placed in every reply I make to a request by the community. Please follow it carefully to avoid further unnecessary concerns.

GREENLIGHT - Asset has been approved for development by the higher officials of EiF's Development Team.
PENDING - Asset may or may yet see approval and is being discussed by the team currently.
REDACTED- Asset has been rejected and will not be developed for EiF.

Please be patient with the deadlines of requests, these assets are my own work produced of my own free time voluntarily. I will not put aside my priorities to rush their production.


  • Any and all new assets produced by Violet are her own personal property and hard work, generously donated to select SWGEmu communities. They will be marked as such to remain identifiable in game.
  • Empire in Flames has been given explicit permission to use Violet's work, custom or existing elsewhere, in their game.
  • Empire in Flames has been given permission to to edit the 2D Textures of new or existing models by Violet, so long as credit is given for the original 3D work.
  • Empire in Flames and any other server does NOT have the permission to modify or use the original 3D meshes of any game assets designed by Violet for ANY other means than implementation and use within their server. This agreement also stands for other servers which have permission to use Violet's work.
Breaking any one of these conditions after agreement, will result in my immediate resignation from EiF and the stopping of any art work released for the server.
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