Gloves for Kel Dor

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Gloves for Kel Dor

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Asset Name: Gloves for the custom Kel Dor hands.
Asset Category: Clothing
Description of the Asset: One or two glove models suited to Kel Dor hand shape so they have an alternative to pretending their hands didn't just turn into human ones. :lol: If a generic glove can be created, with recoloring one item could easily serve as lab/surgical gloves, mechanical work gloves, part of a pilot's costume, etc.

Reference: The only instance I know of a Kel Dor wearing gloves in official materials is Plo Koon in the TCW comic "In Service of the Republic" and its related action figures, though those are specifically heavy winter weather gloves. The artist seems undecided on whether the glove ought to cover the whole hand or have an open-ended finger to allow the talon to poke out. (whole hand) (whole hand) (talon uncovered)

Why do you feel this asset should be created for EiF? Kel Dor are in kind of a funny position as a custom race, having alien hands (unlike some of the other custom species) the game doesn't currently take into account, as opposed to something like the Ithorians who were in live and have their own gloves and things. It's definitely not a huge crisis, but eventually getting even one glove model for them that can be repurposed into different costumes would go a long way towards patching this hole in their dress-up.

Also, there are surely too many types of armor in the game for armored KD glove models to be a reasonable use of time, but someone willing to give up a few stats could use properly colored clothing gloves and "fake it" visually re: wearing some hand protection. So it could fill that gap too.
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