Help with macros plz

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Help with macros plz

Post by Aster0idz »

Im trying to have either one or 2 macros which lets me heal someone every 40 seconds and also assist the person im healing.

So for the heals im doing this:

/target name;
/ui action toolbarslot08; (stims are in that slot)
/pause 40;
/macro healgrind;

And assist another macro:

/pause 5;
/macro assist

Seems something is messing up with my targeting, after a while it wont target the other char, even manually, it always tries to heal himself instead of target
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Re: Help with macros plz

Post by Destroy »

after a while macros stop responding until a soflog which can also be macro'd. Unsure if thats your issue here is my softlog macro just have to be at top of list when logging in. Can re-sort list by clicking headers.

/ui action gameMenuActivate;
/pause 2;
/ui action defaultButton;
/pause 8;
/ui action defaultButton;
/pause 1300;
/macro softlog;

if your noticing your macros stop responding often soflogging prob not the issue
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Re: Help with macros plz

Post by kattming77 »

clearing combat queue also can correct that, /ui action clearcombatqueue
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