Quests and Instances for Loot and Badges in EiF

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Quests and Instances for Loot and Badges in EiF

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Hi all. I've really enjoyed my time here on EiF and hope to enjoy it for years to come.

Browsing the forums, I saw EccentricM's post with an idea for NPCs that give hints to quests. It's a great idea, but implementation would likely take a long time (my assumption).


How about I start, and with the community's assistance, maintain a list of Instances and Quests on EiF/ Emu that provide badges and/or loot? I appreciate any and all help with this, especially for Rebel missions which I will not be able to confirm.

Way point to quest giver
Way point to start of mission if different from quest giver
Link to walk through
Status: Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Broken
Please post confirmation on anything in green and I will update it to blue

The Warren
Quest giver- Escapee outside of The Warren POI on Dantooine /way -558 -3735
White/ untargetable on overhead map He gives the Main Entry Passkey
Start point- The Warren /way -555 -3825
Reward- 2 Badges- Compassion and Imperial Hero <-----My preferred walk-through

Hero of Tatooine

Speak to Squill cave Hermit to start Quest. I've heard, but can't confirm that quests can be completed without speaking to hermit.

Squill Cave Entrance /way 48 -98 GO LEFT
Hermit /way 10 -215 Speak to Hermit, complete his task, speak to him again, leave cave.

Complete the following quests in any order. When all 4 are completed, return to the Hermit to get your Rez Ring. My experience has been that your target will be center mass of one of the way points.

The Mark of Altruism
/way 2168 1293
/way 2488 1676
/way 1839 966
/way 2570 1164
/way 2478 687
/way 1003 1240
/way 2123 1291
/way 2470 1394
/way 2511 1357
/way 2439 1294
/way 3196 1272
/way 3303 1107
/way 2123 1291
/way 2494 1714
/way 2545 1741
/way 2778 1507
/way 5100 800
/way 2560 1324
/way 2437 1421
/way 3640 -44

The Mark of Intellect
Anchorhead /way 58 -5373
Bestine /way -1364-3641
Mos Eisley /way 3483 -4644
Mos Entha /way 1544 3123
Mos Espa /way -2892 2200
Mos Taike /way 3795 2388
Wayfar /way -5120, -6580

The Mark of Courage
/way -1183 4647
/way -575 4985
/way -1618 5272
/way -97 5025
/way -471 4715
/way -991 5887
/way -998 5240
/way -695 4506
/way -533 4314
/way -1023 5214
/way -500 4600
/way -1131 6185
/way -861 4557
/way -159 5040
/way -1264 5379
/way -318 4477
/way -443 4970
/way 16 4068

The Mark of Honor
/way 4835 -4845
/way 5946 -5233
/way 6390 -5220
/way 4704 -4399
/way 4612 -3969
/way 4614 -4978
/way 6337 -5325
/way 4373 -3956
/way 6144 -4800
/way 5966 -5224
/way 5513 -5362
/way 4467 -5192
/way 5267 -4349
/way 6377 -4623
/way 5912 -5135
/way 4650 -3860
/way 4091 -4310

Axkva Min- I have not completed this quest

Imperial Quest Giver: Cloaked Figure on the Imperial Star Destroyer on Kuat.
Access to the ISD can be found at /way 4493 5449 Bike around and go up the ramps to elevator terminal
His specific waypoint is /way 3814 4922 To get out, go back to the large room the elevator put you in. There is a floating terminal near the center of the room. NOT on a wall...

Rebel Quest Giver
Speak with Luke Skywalker in the Senate Building on Hanna City, Chandrila.
Senate Building can be found at /way 500 -2935
His specific waypoint is /way 520 -2915

Neutral Quest Giver Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra in Mos Eisley
Guildhall at /way 3480 -4684
Her specific waypoint is /way 3475 -4665

Sith Shrine

The Sith Shrine starts by speaking with a very grumpy Dug in a diner in the Collective Commerce sector on Coruscant. Full guide with bosses and loot

The Plasma Mining Facility 1-3 players

Imperial players need to speak to Queen Kylantha on Naboo I think she's at the Emp's Retreat WP?
New Republic players need to speak to Queen Soruna on Naboo WP?
Neutral players can speak to either queen

Once the quest has been started, the Plasma Mining Facility is on Naboo at /way 2175 400

Cries of Alderaan

Collect Encrypted Rebel/Imperial Transmissions 1 through 4. Assemble them. Turn in to a recruiter.
This should reward a Project Dead Eye Badge

Speak to a Rebel/ Imperial Coordinator. Complete missions.
DR Vacca Badge

I'm either bugged or EiF's badge requirements are different. I did not have to make the DE Decoder to get a badge. The coordinator did not give me a mission to an adventure planet and he won't talk to me. Nothing in my journal. I do have both badges ... index.html
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