Armor-smiths and Smugglers?

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Armor-smiths and Smugglers?

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Heya guys, is there anyone around who is a dedicated AS? Now, I haven't found any armor for sale besides some noob armor mini-suites and imperial PSGs. I got a few schematics for BH armor pieces, so would like to find an AS friend to patronize.

I found some weapons in Broken Bridge (Bazooka and someone else) and few weapons on Tatooine, in the town next to Fort Tusken so I think I am covered here.

Also, any smugglers online to slice some guns and armor pieces?

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Re: Armor-smiths and Smugglers?

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Our current top armorsmiths are Demiurge and Abi, and either one of them can help you with a custom order. If you don't see them in-game, pop onto Discord and give them a shout. The #trade channel is also a good place to request services or find gear you're looking for.

For smugglers, I'd recommend poking in #trade as well to see if anyone can hop on to take care of what you need sliced.
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