Confusion over a few Formulas

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Confusion over a few Formulas

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I know that Eif has a different combat system which I absolutely love! I feel this system is one of the great things that makes this server so unique. However, I am having trouble with some the formulas in game regarding how stats are handled. Knowing the modified formula would really help me figure out which Chef foods I need to be buying along with how I should best equip armor and weapons ect...

HAM Regeneration
Regen Stat Effects

The three regen stats (Constitution, Stamina, Willpower) determine how quickly their respective pools regenerate. Action and Mind seem to regenerate using exactly the same formula. Health seems to regenerate at the old rate. All three regeneration rates seem to be equally affected by the character stance (standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone).

Health_Sitting_Regen( per second ) = CONSTITUTION * 13 / 1200 ((((this seems to have remained the same)))
Action_Sitting_Regen( per second ) = STAMINA * 13 / 1200 ((((this has been buffed dramatically))))
Mind_Sitting_Regen( per second ) = WILLPOWER * 13 / 1200 ((((this has been buffed dramatically too))))

Is it still true that sitting has 75% faster regen than standing, and kneeling has 25% faster regen than standing?

Kneeling_Regen( per second ) = Sitting_Regen * ( 5 / 7 )
Standing_Regen( per second ) = Sitting_Regen * ( 4 / 7 )
Prone_Regen( per second ) = Sitting_Regen * ( 4 / 7 )

Misc Questions
1. Default/auto attacks require no HAM?
2. Almost every special attack or ability in the game has a base value associated with it?
2a. Is there a list of these base values somewhere?
2b. Is it the base values which have been increased in EIF? or is it the multiplier for specials?

Typical Final Ham Cost Formula:
Cost = Base * ( 1 - ( Stat / 1400 ) )

For example: using the old system
1. Unarmed Hit 2 has a base cost of 12 health,18 action, and 12 mind.
2. Given an Strength/Quickness/Focus of 400/350/450, the HAM cost is reduced by 28.6% / 25% / 32%.
3. HAM cost for these stats is 9/14/8. That's 8.75 / 13.5 / 8.14 rounded.

This formula is obviously wrong in EIF, it appears that due to the larger base stat pool the divider (1400) has been increased, maybe to around to 21000~ mark? Can someone help me out?
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Re: Confusion over a few Formulas

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1. Correct
2. Yes, there's a multiplier for health,mind, and action costs
3. Nope, by design
4. Multiplier for specials.