12 point cap on experimentation points

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12 point cap on experimentation points

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I didnt see a way to ask a question in the patch notes section of the forum.

You say you capped experimentation at 12 points. Does that mean a human artisan is capped at 12 points? I ask because in regular pre-CU a human artisan can get up to 14 points. I make human crafters for that reason alone.

Shipwright is not in the game yet, but shipwrights get 15 points in weapons, engines and boosters, 17 with SEAs. Did you cap those?

What is your thinking on capping experimentation at 12 points? Is there a potential exploit? The NGE had higher experimentation than 12. I played on SWGChoice where they allowed experimentation higher that 12. They also had SEAs capped at 35 rather than 25, so 13 point crafters were the norm and then they introduced a bonus for "crafting buildings" that got experimentation to 140 and humans to 155 in artisan. I did not find it game breaking. Your "money stats" are already capped - damage on weapons, resists on armor, BER on harvesters, power on buffs and stims, etc. They can not exceed the quality of resources already easily reached in 10 points. The extra experimental points just allowed some better stats on secondary lines.
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Re: 12 point cap on experimentation points

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Re: 12 point cap on experimentation points

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Old post but I figured I'd respond anyways..You can go over 12 points..Example: Bith can get 13 points in weapons if said bith has +25 to weapon experimentation on his clothing.