Tanaab Planetary Incursion Defense

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Tanaab Planetary Incursion Defense

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After Action Report: 17APR2021
Imperial Special Forces
Pandath City, Tanaab

Memorandum for Imperial Strategic Divisions, Officers and SpecOps

Subject: After Action Report, Defense of Pandath City, Tanaab.

Prepared by the office of Genie, Imperial Affairs.

The following information regarding the contingency; defense of Pandath City and the planetary body of Tanaab.

Deployment: Pandath City spaceport, Tanaab.
CCO: Jim, Officer representing MASC, with assistance from others in the same Contingent.
Duration of site survey: ongoing
Duration of deployment: 1hr15
Contingency purpose: for the support and defense of the citizens and city of Pandath from terrorists cells.

Supply: Imperial SpecOps and Military divisions establish turret fortifications throughout Pandath City at key junctures. Military units provided tools necessary for defense. Medical supplies were placed on stand-by for operations.

Citizens of Pandath City provided locations for defendable assets to be placed. Locals were told to remain indoors and kept safely out of harms way.

Event goals and systems: maintain city interior until such time as the enemy forces could not maintain footing. Protect data terminal assets while security teams complete full lock down of strategic systems.

Event Synopsis: Allied forces are to maintain security levels around the data terminals linked to the Star port while the terminals were online. Prevent enemy forces from hacking the terminal and gaining control of systems was SpecOps primary focus.

Summary of events
Imperial forces led by Jim and the contingent from MASC began defensive manouvers within Pandath City upon receiving a distress call from Imperial operatives in the area. Defense turrets were put in place and the troops were deployed planet-side. At 17:30 local time, a terrorist cell attacked the starport looking to obtain key military data from a malfunctioning data terminal within the starport. After several attempts to push allied forces from the LZ, Imperial troops were able to defend the position and stop the invasion.

The data terminal was locked down, the starport closed, and troops repelled the terrorists.

Engagement lasted approximate 01hr15

Sustains: troop movement was fluid. Enemy engagement on multiple fronts prevented access to the terminal repeatedly. Target calls were concise, enemy threat assessment was high.

Improves: data on assist was faulty. Troop organization could be processed better. Troop discipline low; requires investigating.

Comments: As a member of Imperial Affairs, this office witness first hand the night of the Imperial machine. This is the second instance in which this office participated in live SpecOps with representatives from various Imperial companies ( MASC, 47th Legion, et al) crushed terrorist regimes in the capture and defense of Tanaab. It was my great pleasure to help the Arm of the Empire hammer out justice to bring about peace and prosperity to the citizens of Tanaab and look forward with great interest in the continued growth and expanse of our operations.

With regards, Warleader Genie, Office of Imperial Affairs.