Dekar Savam

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Dekar Savam

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Name: Dekar Savam
Age: 28
Born: Corellia, in the Outskirts from Tyrena
Ship: YT-2400 “Flying Kaadu”
Affiliation: Alliance/New Republic Nav, Smuggler, Freelancer Freighter, Underground world
Rank: Flt. Lieutenant, o.D.

Dekar was born into a Freighter Pilot family, in his early days, he traveled along with his parents.
Around this time, Dekar collected a lot of experience in Piloting and navigating a Light freighter. One day, an Imperial convoy caught the Freighter of his mother. They had her arrested and transported away.

This was the reason why the Savam family decided to support the Rebel alliance, they flew various Smuggling Missions for the Alliance.
A few months later, Dekar started his training for a Fighter-Pilot, he gained some experience in Pistol and Unarmed Combat.
At that Time, Dekar met his trusty R3-Droid, which assisted him in Piloting the X-Wing.

He and his Astromech grew closer, Dekar started calling him “Blue”, because of the color he had.
After the battle of Endor, Dekar was assigned the rank of Flight Lieutenant. A few days after the battle, his father decided to start the search for his wife, which may yet be still alive.
Dekar retired together with “Blue”, a year after the battle, modifying the YT-2400 “Flying Kaadu”, to be Piloted by the two of them. They continued the Smuggling and running Light-Freighter missions together for the New Republic and other organizations they seem trustworthy.