Dathomir Zabrak

If you have an idea for an object, armor, weapon, deco, etc. that has NEVER existed in SWG, this is the place to make a request. As with other requests, the developer and the EIF Owner will approve all creations. Making the request will not guarantee it will be created or placed into the game.
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Dathomir Zabrak

Post by felakingkiller »

Asset Name: Dathomirian Zabrak
Asset Category: Character Species
Description of the Asset: Add red skin tones to Zabrak, or add Dathomirian to species list as a red palette swapped Zabrak

Why do you feel this asset should be created for EiF?

I believe being able to pick Nightsisters implies that Dathomir survived Count Dooku's purge during the clone wars and so it makes sense that the Zabrak there also survived.

On a more personal note, I'd just like to recreate my hunter from swtor.
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Re: Dathomir Zabrak

Post by SWJLAngel »

The Nightsisters in SWG, though, are the Human Nightsisters that have been on Dathomir for around 600 years, not the Rattataki 'Dathomirian' Nightsisters seen in SW: The Clone Wars TV Series. Still, perhaps Rattataki would be an interesting addition, along with the Dathomirian Zabraks [which, as you suggested, could be included as options to get changed to by adding red, orange, and yellow skin colors to the skin color palette for Zabrak characters; also would work for those who have been pulled by the Dark Side]. And while SW: The Clone Wars TV Series didn't explain when the Rattataki got to Dathomir, the planet is fairly large enough that they wouldn't have encountered the Human Nightsisters or Singing Mountain Clans; After all, when Asajj Ventress was originally introduced, her species was called Rattataki, and both genders were bald --- so it makes sense to say that a group of Rattataki at some point in time ended up crashing on part of Dathomir, perhaps a group that stole a ship that had came to Rattatak; and in the same turn, a group of Zabrak from Iridonia ended up crashing a ship on Dathomir as well --- the Rattataki and Zabrak then formed the 'Dathomirian' Rattataki Nightsisters and Zabrak Nightbrothers].
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